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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Double David Extravaganza: Fairy Tale Ending or Will The Best Man Win?

Well, that was unsurprising, no shocker last night on Idol. Confirmed, The Double Dave extravaganza. Perhaps a suggestion for the Double Dave's Pizza chain special of the week, extra cheesy with pineapple representing Little David and pepperoni for Cook, bringing the 'meat' of the entertainment.

After watching the Top Three in their 'Going Home' segments, and the reception from the hometown fans of each, I'm going to rework my statement from yesterday. I mean how can David Cook win this after the touching segment with Little David? I believe that David Archuleta is truly completely innocent and clueless. This boy has not tried one manipulative tactic, with Little David what you see is what you get.

I've noticed of all of the contestants, Archuleta truly looks sad when one of them have to go home. He's shed tears more than once after a contestant was booted off. This boy seems to be genuinely sweet and guileless, a quality difficult to find these days with most kids, even in elementary school many are already learning to work the system.

I have joking compared Little David to movie characters, Forrest Gump and Chauncey Gardiner from Being There, an old Peter Sellers flick. Both of these films have main characters drawn as naive innocents, with questionable intellect who are perceived by the "regular folk"-type characters around them to be more than what they are in actuality.

I'm not saying anything negative about this boy's intelligence, I certainly don't know this kid; I am saying he's like those movie characters in certain ways. Main thing, regarding the comparables in the storylines, both characters somehow, throughout their innocence and lack of manipulation of anyone, manage somehow to achieve great things all the while doing good deeds. In the case of Chauncey, at the end of the flick, he walks on water.

Certainly of the two remaining cast members of this increasingly apparent scripted show, Cook has the stronger more current voice and look. Thing is, little David has everything that would make for a picture perfect Idol ending. He is an innocent kid who has devoted his young life to music, coached on by that Stage Dad from Hell. He would make great television as he did last night in the 'Going Home' segment.

David Cook, bringing his brother on-stage with him was a nice touch, although likely bittersweet for the brother. He had tried out too, but the producers selected David. On looking them over you can see why; David possesses much more charisma than his brother. Oh well, there's next season.

Ultimately the show keeps hammering at we viewers, 'it's up to the voters'. I say it's up to the voters to a degree. That degree manipulated according to ratings, fan responses. One reason I found it difficult to fathom Syesha's rise during this season is the apparent degree of lesser responses on-line, it was an anomaly from past seasons. Watching the 'Going Home' segments, I'd say that the responses showed why Sy was still on the show, she certainly had a big turn out in her hometown.

Considering the "Going Home' segments, I am changing my mind, woman's prerogative and all of that, regarding the winner of this season.

David Cook is certainly going to make records, he's the better entertainer hands down. Cook, the most charismatic, savvy and aware, but Archuleta brings the Fairy Tale. Tweenie Girls and those avid Idol watchers love a great Fairy Tale.


  1. I think that's what makes it such an interesting match up. "The Kids" love Archie, but there are a lot of "Cookies" out there who aren't going to be as crazy of voters.

    I'm hoping for Cook to pull the "upset." :)

  2. Hey, dc, you know the Jonas Brothers are on tonight, right? Tweens will be in the millions to watch the show tonight. Might bode favorable for Wee Archie.