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Monday, May 19, 2008

TAY on BWAY, or So the Sign Said...

Taylor Hicks interview on the Today Show, May 16 in which he announces his Broadway debut.

I think it a brilliant move. It's like 'free' promotion and publicity to debut the CD planned for release in the Fall. I read on Griz's site that he may descend on an ice cream cone? Now that's quirky. I still remain in hope for wings, and of course, being an angel, Taylor needs a harp.

His interview reminded me of one of my favorite movies, it's just quirky enough.

The ending is brilliant. Now, that's a proper send-off.

Instead of a suit, how about this look:
(I kid.)
"They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway".


  1. Henry86:29 PM

    LOl, can I use that angel pic, that would make a good avi sometime.
    that is a good pic of Jason there , the one that says Castrocopia under it. I like his dreads but you can see that he would be very good looking without them too. I predict that he has the best chance to be a really big name someday. We shall see.
    I also predict this is going to be the worst finale in history, I don't think I can sit through it, Unless they have some surprises in store I haven't thought of.
    We may see Taylors face, but thats about it, hes in Italy.

  2. I don't understand why Hicks said in an interview he had some business with Idol when he's apparently going to Italy.

    Always the enigma. lolz

    Jason is so beautiful I just kick myself for being so much older. ha. I love his hair, everything, but he would still be gorgeous without the dreads.

    From what I got from my neighbors.go pals, his folks are quite excited about how far he got on the show. They should be. His iTunes sound so good, he's a certain magic in his voice, as far as I'm concerned.

    For this finale, I'll most likely have to have a few glasses of something good to keep me interested.

    Catch up with ya later.

  3. henry810:03 PM

    Hes in Italy, I haven't seen them but they say his face keeps showing up in some commercials for this week. So maybe he taped a few words for them or something. Who knows, he said he had some sort of AI commitment. ??
    The whole band went to Italy except Loren, Lorens doing something else so Brian L went. Several festivals and the last night they perform on the ship. Sounds like a fantastic working vacation. Should be back next week. Did you hear about the charity thing he has in Vegas on the 31st. Nigel will be there receiving a big "Spirit of Life" award or something. For some reason that cracks me up.

    I guess the guy that does Teen Angel right now comes in an Ice Cream Cone. Taylor will probably do something different. Got to use that harp somehow. Knowing Taylor the part will probably evolve as he goes along.
    Stealing your angel. I'm going to see what it looks like on the blog.

  4. That's absolutely funny about Nigel. Twisted somehow...and I love that twisted somehow stuff.

    Yeah Griz had something about an ice cream cone and Hicks and man, I just don't see it. hahahaha! Makes me picture Taylor in a pink seer sucker suit and straw hat for some reason.

    I hope he just does something so very different folks can't stop talking about him - and he's got the imagination for that as we've seen.

    Henry, I'll share my angel with you, he's lovely. Thanks so much for the Taylor information. You certainly can find it.
    Buenas noches, chica.