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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Marvelous Night for a Soul Thing: Taylor Hicks at Hannah Home Shelby

If Taylor's performances at the Hannah Home Shelby are any indication of what we're going to hear on his next CD, the man will have those who doubted his abilities eating their words. Taylor Hicks is sounding better than he ever has. Mr. Hicks did not perform any of his new music, but he indicated he's definitely been writing new tunes, and it seems as if he's becoming satisfied with his latest work.

Folks at the Hannah Home Shelby function were treated to "Soul Thing", a tune he previously recorded on "Under the Radar". He also tossed out "Moondance" that great Van Morrison classic and Billy Joel's, "New York State of Mind". Mr. Hicks was in fine vocal form and presented the music with a touch of humor along with the ease of conviction born of having worked these tunes many times.

What made me fall for Taylor Hicks, in Season Five of American Idol, outside of his fabulous spaz-dancing, Mr. Hicks, as a musician, possesses an innate ability to work covers of music and give them the feel they're his songs. To use that overworked cliche', he makes them his own. It's the quality I picked up in this season of Idol's, Jason Castro. Apparently Castro made some kind of impression on Taylor Hicks; listen at the end of the "Soul Thing" video, he gives Castro a mention.

These Taylor Hicks videos were brought to IDOL BLUES by 'henry8', created by 'Lh1100' and put on vimeo. These videos are visually clear with excellent sound quality. Muchas gracias.

"Soul Thing", the first and still continues to be, my favorite Taylor Hicks' tune. Excellent rendition, delivered in all the jazzy soul splendor that makes this tune so great. Taylor Hicks brought along Brian Less and Jeff Lopez of LiMBO, members of the band he performed with prior to American Idol.

Soul Thing from Lh1100 on Vimeo.
(Very nice, Mr. Hicks, throwing out Jason Castro's name. So, you did cast those votes, right? ha.)

"Moondance" ***FIXED*** (Thanks henry8, I need an editor, seriously. lol)

Moondance from Lh1100 on Vimeo.

"New York State of Mind"

New York State of Mind from Lh1100 on Vimeo.


  1. Henry810:37 AM

    Check these out from veoh. I could listen to the cajun part on "Alabama Frame of Mind" all day. I think this is the same person, that has those on vimeo. I didn't take the time to check real close. There are also some there from Ona's. Those are more unrehearsed but really good. Some great harp. I really like the "Seven-Mile Breakdown"
    Have you heard the rumor that he may be on the Today show tomorrow?
    To make the big announcement. Rumors, rumors, LOL
    Did you put up Soul Thing twice?
    Just can't get into the two Davids.
    Ones like watching the Mickey Mouse Club and the others arms are too short. It distracts me. I know, I am weird. I will listen to him tho.I liked his version of Music of the Night.
    And I'm curious, what did you think of Fantasia's performance. I think my reaction was pretty much like Simons. LMAO

  2. Henry810:38 AM

    Sorry, forgot the link.

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  4. Damn, I screwed that one up. Guess I really like Soul Thing. hahahahha
    I'll FIX it. *slapping myself*

    Yeah henry, those two left are just well, it's predictable. Fantasia was a FREAK> loved Simon's face afterwards. D.M. and I replayed it like four times in slow-mo, it was hilarious. Best Moment of the Night. One of those camera operators has to have some VFTW in them. lol Earlier this season there was a break to commercial scene in which across the logo flashed, "Back after the break with Carly Shitson." I have that screencap someplace.
    I'll fix Hicks up now with the correct video.