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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wildflower Festival - Eve 6

Now this has nothing to do with Taylor Hicks nor Jason Castro. Friday night Darling man and I hauled Darling Daughter to the local Wildflower Festival in Richardson, Texas. I'd wanted to catch QuietDrive, but we couldn't get into the facility in time. Consolation and what turned out to be a great time, we did catch Eve6. They had that killer tune, "Inside Out" that topped the charts a few years back. The guys disbanded for a time, but have reunited.

Listening to their myspazz page tunes doesn't do the guys justice for what they do live. Like Bo Bice says, "Live music matters" and Friday night, Eve6 evidenced that statement to the True. The band consists of three guys, but those three guys can make some noise... insert 'good'. The original guitarist Jon Seibels has opted to run his own band, but they had an apt replacement in Matt Blair from Band Camp.

The guys had been signed to the RCA label while still in high school, they went on to issue three albums, an eponymous release that went Platinum, Horroscope, which hit the Gold mark, and It's all in Your Head that failed to reach the Gold standard. RCA then dropped them, and wasn't long after from what I understand, the guys parted ways.

Max Collins carries a sort of Elvis Costello tone to his vocals. The best video I could find to represent "Inside Out" was the Sony creation which has embedding disabled. Anyone who has turned a radio on in the past decade will recognize this tune. Click here to watch.

Regarding live presentation, Collins is as random as you can get, but interesting. These videos were shot at Wildflower, they're a little bouncy but, hell all of us down by the stage were bouncing. And jumping. And screaming. Too bad the sound wasn't a bit better, Max sounded so much better live, but it's okay.

Darling Daughter was a bit embarrassed at her 'getting-their-rock-on' parents. We were right in front of Max, a bit to the right, very close to the stage. I can hear my screaming in these videos, Gwenabe11 must have been nearby. lol "wooooo wooooo"

"Pick up the Pieces" Eve6

Max calls the booths, "make-shift shelters" ha. Reveals their band reuniting and ...
pistacio nuts. We were singing along up front.

All vids are c/o Gwenabe11.


  1. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Sounded like fun. It was better than reuniting New Kids On the Block. LOL

  2. Seriously - New Kids on the Block - that spawnage of boy band era. I had a good friend, whom I haven't spoken to now in about 8 years who ended up in one of those boy bands. He's quite busy these days and in Florida now.