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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Don't Forget the Lyrics! The Top Four Show Mows On

Watching American Idol last night, I was astounded at how the show can even cheese up the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Once I thought about going there, you know, to check it out, see the history. Now, not so much. Seacrest was giving all the viewers his best used car salesman spiel. He strutted his suit, pandering to the public the glory that is Rock & Roll. I get it, Ryan. You see, dear Idol watchers, this show believes itself to be somewhat of a source of musical education for the masses who watch it weekly.

Granted last evening I was caught up in the moment that was Top Four night and watching Castro throw caution and everything else in the judge panel and the producers' faces with wild and deserved abandon; it was full out Jason. Today I'll lend focus to the rest of the remaining cast members of this pre-scripted Season Seven.

David Cook delivered passable yet not inspiring moments when he sang, Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf". I admit, I like this song and actually dug Duran Duran during their gig in the '80's. If you are interested in hearing how Duran Duran did the tune, feel free to click HERE.

David Cook gave the tune a semi-emo turn, but the song felt rushed, it was certainly not his best endeavor. The "doot-too-doots" were just not good. If he'd done this a few weeks ago, he would not be running so high right now. Paula provided some entertainment by her remark, "Your hungry like a wolf left me with a big appetite...". I guess she's trading in incoherence for slutting it up this week. Nice.
"Hungry Like the Wolf" David Cook

I preferred David's second tune, The Who's, "Baba O'Reilly"

He demonstrated his purdy voice, David has a nice ability to take those vocals and let them soar. Add 10 points for that, then subtract them for the Smug Mug he had on last night. It's apparent he's been told where he is going to land this season. But, as I have said before, I don't mind his winning this thing.

Syesha Mercado blew me away last night. Not for her performances nor vocal skills - rather for her intelligence. She played a tight game with those slinky shiny dresses and those tears. Man, girl you secured your place on this show. I turned to Darling Man, who was digging Sexy Girl's dresses, and said, "Damn, she might go to the final two with what she's pulled tonight!". He just said, "What?". During her performance of "Proud Mary", Sy gave her best imitation of an exotic dancer, bringing the Hoochie-Momma to the performance.
"Proud Mary"

Next, Sy performed Taylor Hicks' song. Okay, it was a Sam Cooke song, but for me, forever it will be Taylor's. Taylor Hicks, as anyone who watches Idol knows, sang an acoustic version of "A Change Is Gonna Come" during his audition, season five.

My assessment, Syesha was good last night, but brilliance lay in her channeling Brooke White in her responses, "It's OK, It's OK", add the slinky, shiny boobilicious dress and those tears. Those tears were made of Pure Golden Genius, delivered while she explained her reasons for selecting "A Change is Gonna Come". Man, Sy is playing this game to win Top 2. Who'd a thunk it a few weeks back. Kudos, Sy.

Little Archie performs, "Stand By Me", as his first offering. He adds runs, he gasps, he inhales loudly and basically sounds the same as he does on everything he sings. He's like Darling Man's 1986 Chevy pick-up I've named "Old Reliable". Turn that key and she cranks, every single time. Put a mic in front of the boy and he sings the same way every single time. D.M. has refered to him as "Little Winky Bat-Boy" all season and for some reason I get that.
"Stand by Me" David Archuleta:

During David's next song, he borrows Jason's stool. He delivers the long notes, adds many loud inhalations, lots of good gasps, to total distraction. I can hardly listen to him and I keep forgetting what he's singing. Maybe our surround sound system is just too good. Little Winky Bat-Boy kills The King's song, and I don't mean in a good way. As he gazes into the camera, I flash to his practicing the camera stares with his Pop. Dad, saying, 'David, tilt your head a little more to the right, lean back, poof your lips more', it's disturbing me. Of course the judges mysteriously again cream themselves over him.
"Love Me Tender" Gaspy: *fixed*

Randy added some comedy infused with a Chicken Hawk-Ish factor when he said to David, "I loved how you were so tender and caressed each word." Just bad,Randy.

Leaving my Dreadlocked Darling for last. Afterall, I already rambled on about him last night, and this may be his last week on the show. Jason comes out with a jab at the Idol machine, selecting "I Shot the Sheriff", ala Bob Marley. He also provides one of the best one-liners all season when Simon asked him what he was thinking regarding doing this tune. Jason's reply, "I was thinking Bob Marley!" That was worth the price of admission tonight.

Yes, Jace, you delivered the Marley in a gnarly way - with innuendos slanted at the whole farce that circulates in this show. Jason delivered what I had hoped he bring, notice his smile, his attitude, the crowd point. I'm sure most watching this Pop Pablum won't get it, his intentions will fly over their heads.

Re-listen to Jason, vocally he sounds very good. Many viewers though, will follow what Simon and the judges say like it is 'teh gospel'. (Everyone say,"Baaah".) Yes, Jason, the sheriff, indeed.
"I Shot the Sheriff" Jason Castro: (Sunny loves you, man.)

Next up for Castro, Bobby Dylan's "Tamborine Man". At :20 into the song he drops the lyrics. Nothing new for the other contestants this season, unique for Castro, he has never forgotten lyrics. Ever. So far this funked up season, Brooke lost her words a few times and even restarted a song. Jason, even though he dropped the lyrics, he kept on singing. Did Paula comment about his bravely going forth, not stopping and restarting? Of course not.

If it would have been Cook or Archie, forgetting the lyrics, she'd done incoherent backflips to cover for that error. Wait, what am I saying? Paula's already done that. Anyone recall David Archuleta floundering lyrics during one of the Beatles' week? The judge panel were absolutely kind to him. If you want to relive that moment in time in it's glorious 'pimpage' and entirety click HERE. If anyone is counting, and in David Archuleta's case, obviously not, he's flubbed lyrics four times this season. That said, the judges flubbed not mentioning David's error. See Carpet? Sweep under. Get it?

Jason obviously took Paula's advice to David Archuleta that week, she had advised David, "Never let it show on your face". Watching Jason, it was obvious he knew what was coming from the judge panel. As I watched Jason drop those lyrics, he gave a certain, "tell" as in poker-speak. I watched his cheek give this slight twitch, is there a possibility that Jason did this intentionally...

So goes the final four. Tonight, likely Jason Castro will be going home. Here's to a great run Jason Castro, I am a fan.
"Subterranean Homesick Blues" Bob Dylan


  1. Henry811:15 AM

    You had me laughing out loud this morning and I think you nailed it.

  2. Thanks much, Missy. Tune in tonight and catch Bo Bice - he's on the show tonight. Bice will be coming to Rockwall May 31st for the Founder's Day fiesta. We'll be packing up Ol' Reliable and heading out to show some Bice Love.

  3. Whatever happens...I do think that Jason Castro made his point. He wasn't going to take the show so seriously that he'd make himself over into anything the judges or the show wanted him to. My take on Tambourine Man though was that he didn't do very well in getting across the poetry of the song itself. Forgetting the lyric does get in the way of that.

    I don't know that he sounded all that different from other weeks though.

    btw, Why does everyone refer to Jason as a white guy? He is, but he isn't.

  4. Hi Chance, Jason knew this a.m. he was leaving the show a mere formality.

    He handled it with typical Castro aplomb. LOL Regarding why they refer to him as white - the blue eyes. He's a Latino. His Mom has light eyes not uncommon for folks in Central America, that's were he gets the light eyes. Comes from the early Spanish settlers I guess.

    Never thought he had a chance to win this - not against the Idol machine and what they've already decided. This is the first year the MyIdol Boards were wrong. According to the responses on the boards, per history he should be top 2 and Sy should be long gone. Curiosity to be sure.

    Bo Bice sure looked and sounded good tonight.

  5. henry81:37 AM

    Love Bo, my second favorite idol, spent some time listening to some of his performances on youtube. He has a wonderful voice. Good to see him looking so healthy tonight, he had a rough year last year.
    Rumors about Taylor being on, but I'm beginning to think they are just rumors. Guess we will find out soon. I have visions of him running across the stage while some one yells "Hey, was that Taylor Hicks?"
    Just kidding. LOL
    Sure would be nice to see him.

  6. There hasn't been any mention by the show that he'd be on but then there wasn't much out on Bice either until very recently before the show.

    Taylor had made mention of some kind of gig to do with Idol, so you never know. They may be saving him for a finale appearance. Of course, per usual, Hicks isn't saying much. Man likes to keep the mystique going on, doesn't he?

    I've been watching the board (MyIdol) and nothing on there yet.

    That's a funny thought - the flash of Hicks across the stage...might work for a new blog post. ha.

  7. Trixi7:08 AM

    I also liked Jason this season. If he puts out an album I will be buying it.

    Did Bo rock the house or what!!!!
    I love the song "Witness". His second CD, to quote Randy J is THE BOMB. It's what Bo should have made his first CD. But we know how that goes with AI...everyone should be a pop-tart.

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