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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jason Castro Hot Topic: Jason has a Girlfriend

Jason Castro comes clean about his girlfriend, Mandy while being interviewed on The Mike and Juliet Show. She's a hometown gal and has allegedly been a big behind the scenes promoter for Castro on the message boards. Perhaps Mandy need pursue a career in promotions, she's got the knack as well as being adorable, petite and smart. Speaking of smart, Jason revealed his SAT score was 1340. Not bad, darling boy.

To watch the videos of the show including the clip with Mandy, I'll direct you to Liz Lemon and McLovin's website, Castrocopia. Last I checked, screams of anguish were being 'virtually' heard across the fan boards at the revelation gorgeous Castro has a girlfriend. Main reason why Mandy did not want it known she was in the picture, she felt it might hurt Castro on the show. Kudos, girl.

Will Jason Castro find honesty the best policy regarding his love life, or should he have remained more enigmatic, like Taylor Hicks? In the case of Taylor Hicks, those girlfriend issues can be like walking on hot coals.

Rory Gallagher, "Walk On Hot Coals", Live On The Whistle Test

video c/o 25th November 1970


  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    True dreadheads already knew Jason had a girlfriend so it's no surprise to us.

  2. So your point is....?

  3. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Dreadheads found out about his girlfriend at least a month ago. He never tried to hide it. He said early in the season that he did have somebody that he wanted to have something special with, but it was hard to date at the time. They dated before and stopped dating for a while because they were going to different colleges and were in different states. As far as I know, Mandy has not done any promoting of Jason on his boards. There is a Castro family friend that keeps us posted about Jason, but she's not Jason's girlfriend and definitely not Mandy.

  4. I had been told by someone with the neighborsgo.com site that it was Mandy who had been working on the boards for him. Of course they may have just been speculating it was she.

    Whoever was doing that for him did a good job in keeping up spirits. I'd stop by time to time to read what was going on. The whole bus thing was a great idea on MyIdol. Which site do you frequent now the most?

  5. BTW I had heard of her back early in the season from the neighborsgo.com individual. She's a local girl from our area. From what I was told, it was her idea for him to not talk about her since that might be a turn off; rather like Bo Bice did on the show season four. It was his gf's idea to not talk about her as well.

  6. Anonymous10:25 AM

    The woman posting on the AI boards is an older lady. Def not JCastro's girlfriend.

    Jason also mentioned a girlfriend about a month ago, on AI Extra.