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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jason Castro: The After Idol Interviews, Studio Version, "Mr. Tamborine Man"

Jason on Jay Leno, Sing out with Huey Lewis:

(If videos are sticking, they might be getting hit too hard - check back later.)
FOX Interview with Castro after the Eviction: "Don't Vote?" Jason says that was not what he said from behind Ryan's back. This has lead to some debate among fans if he was actually throwing away the competition by dropping his lyrics, then saying "don't vote". Of course Castro isn't going to admit if he did indeed say that as it would reflect negatively in some of his fans' minds, but it certainly was construed that way by many -including...the folks at VFTW.

I was out of town this weekend and had no television or internet available, where I was - but Friday was a busy day for Jason. He interviewed with Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, CNN, Inside Edition and VH1.

He's now in New York to appear on Regis and Kelly Monday morning. Tomorrow afternoon he will be on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Tuesday, he'll do a radio interview with KVIL FM, Dallas radio - don't have the time for the airing on it yet. Castro jets back to California after all that to begin rehearsals for the Top Ten Finale.

Jason will be hanging in California most of June to rehearse for the Top Ten Tour, which starts in July. Come August 25th the tour hits the American Airlines Center in Dallas. I've got a trip already scheduled to head to California during this period, so not sure I'll make the concert.

My favorite song of Jason's full studio version to video of "Mr. Tamborine Man". Love this. guy. Jason has such potential.

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