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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cinderella Missed her Carriage; the Best Man Won

David Cook crowned King of Idol for 2008; Nobody nudged Randy though, he may still think it is 2007. David Archuleta was amazingly cool tonight, considering, and Jason Castro looked more gorgeous than words can describe.

video c/o cocoidol08
Man, he's absolutely stunning. Love his voice. Love his voice. (OK once more with feeling, Love. his. Voice.) Jason manages to break my heart...and enter my soul.

Seems Taylor Hicks and I were right after all - David did win. David Cook, that is. The best man won. Whoopee.


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Tuesday night I was embarrassed for both David's with that stupid boxing theme they did. LAME really LAME.
    Weds. I felt a little sad that either one of them had to be the winner and would have to be under AI's thumb.
    I guess we'll see if they let Cook be who he is or try to mold him into who they think he should be. David Arch. is a sweet kid, glad he doesn't have AI running his life. He gets enough of that already I suspect.
    Jason I think was the happiest one on stage. LOL. He knew he had dodged the bullet. LOL. And the biker chick Amanda looked like she wanted to be any where but there. LOL.


  2. I was cracking up at Amanda, she was so Not enthusiastic about those dance routines! ha.

    Jason looked and sounded great, his image just leaps off the screen. He stands apart from the others, he's so purdy.lol

    I hadn't time to write what I thought about everyone - working today, and just popping in, Dee. I thought Chikeze sounded really well too, I like him after he did the "Brother Where Art Thou" vibed up song.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Henry89:10 PM

    I saw a tiny bit of last night. Who come up with the Rocky thingy, cause it just didn't fit them at all. Not much of a fight going on there. I can't imagine that bunch having a very high energy summer tour but will be better than last years I think. I like Chikeze, might be the best stage performer of the bunch.
    Someone said to explain why Randy didn't know what year it was that he and Paula had mixed up their cups. It did kind of sound like they had. LOL

    It was crappy how they subliminally made CD the title holder, but the angst and blame are getting a little too deep for me. Time to move on, I think.

    Someone who was on the ship where Taylor did his last performance left a remark on Youtube, very nice. Its at boogie under word from the cruise or something like that.
    You're right, Jason is purdy.

  4. The Rocky theme was over the top in silly. "Let's get ready to rumble!",
    only the tweenTards and fools could have thought that was any good.lol

    It's just pure shit how the show and all associated with it have treated Hicks.

    I haven't found videos on Hicks on cruise or in Italy yet, but when I have time to 'root' them out - which won't be today - I'll grab them.


  5. henry811:33 AM

    No videos or anything yet I don't think. No regular fans on this deal, I don't think so we may never see any. You would think pr would come up with something but who knows. All anybody has seen was a comment left on his "jailhouse rock" video. Then you wonder if some fan would have done that, but I don't think so cause it would be an odd place to leave it. Anyway, some one liked him. I would love to be a mouse in the corner in that theater and watch rehearsals for Grease, that would be fun.

  6. hnery8, why is he not having someone in his entourage film his time there as something to show his fans here?

    That would have been a smart thing to do.

    I'd love to watch those rehearsals too. You need to be a mouse with a secret tiny camera. ha.

  7. henry88:59 PM

    we need that little mouse that used to drive that car, what was his name Ralph? Don't remember for sure.
    Just on the outside chance that they did film something, I well hold my tongue on the rest........for now.