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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jason Castro, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Jason Castro, singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" video in Rockwall, Jason Castro day.

video c/o Rosequeen49


  1. henry811:00 AM

    I love Jasons version of OTR, I think I mentioned it before, but have you noticed how many views that has on Youtube? I'm not going to check them all, but I don't think and other Idol performance has gotten close to that.

  2. This tune and "Halleluiah" - anytime I put them up they get hella lot of response! He's currently got a big ol' fan base and it seems to be expanding. His own song during this event in Rockwall went over really well too. I have it in the mp3's not sure what the name of it is. (d'oh)

    He's over in Florida now vacationing with his girlfriend Mandy. Enjoying that sugar sand and the emerald ocean. I love that part of Florida.