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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jason Castro Doing the Interview Circus

Jason Castro is out doing those obligatory Interviews the contestants must do once they are kicked off the show. Considering the interview not one of Castro's strong points, he's seemingly taking to these new experiences like a duck to a junebug.
Regis and Kelley Interview and performance:

video c/o indycat47

Ellen, The Interview:

video c/o JasonCastrofans

Ellen, The Performance: I like that he's not performing the same song every appearance...
Love that "Daydreaming Boy"

video c/o JasonCastrofans

Check out the ever omnipresent Rickey at rickey.org. He's got the first of Jason's interview with Jared Cotter on The Sauce.
Jason Castro, this is a long way from your band days in Keeping Lions.
"Wondering Where the Lions Are" Bruce Cockburn

video c/o OddPirate

A shout out and muchas gracias to Castrocopia.

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