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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Jason Brought the Fun Tonight!

Jason, my dreadlocked darling wore his black shirt I requested, and that Bob Dylan song - yes he botched a few lyrics, so what. Jace, baybee, only thing missing was the silver in your hair.

Botched lyrics commonplace in this show, hell, like that hasn't happened to anyone else this season on multiple occasions....cough ArchiTard. (Yet never mentioned...)

Loved Jason's songs, loved Jason's look, loved all of it. Jason you were beautiful tonight!

Vote Castro: TOP THREE!!!

1-866-436-5703 and 1-866-436-5707.

pssttt: Taylor Hicks, I been seeing you here; man, maybe I alone 'got it' and loved the Archuleta/Wayne Newton thing, but you best get out the VOTE for my boy tonight. Make Sunny so happy. Muah.
I Shot the Sherriff:

Mr. Tambourine Man:

Thanks Dude, JohnJohnDow


  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Sunny, Did we see two different shows tonight? I thought Jason was horrible and I have liked several of his performances. There are certain songs he can really deliver and I thought maybe he could do well with the songs he picked tonight but No, No. No.
    Sorry, Sunny wasn't feeling it babe.


  2. Dee, Jason knew what was up tonight. As a signal he sang my song and wore black. He did not forget those lyrics, and he Worsted it up. Writing was on the wall, he was just letting it be known this whole thing was a 'done deal' Texas style.

    Jace was going down in a Blaze of Glory, so to speak. ha. Love him.

  3. henry811:25 PM

    Not seein it either Sunny, I was talked into listening to a few performances on youtube over the weekend, thought some were good and thought I would watch once. You know, rock and roll night, got to be good. Crap that was bad. All of them. The whole damn show just seemed wrong, not just the contestants, no life, no energy, no excitement. I'm not convinced Jason wants to win, I think hes done now, ready to go home. Jasons sweet but no excitement. Taylors right, David A. is like a tiny Wayne Newton. Like some of Cooks stuff but not tonight. Its like there was no rehearsal. None.
    And that girl could have came from my local high school. Randy had it exactly right. Don't know what was wrong with the other two judges. Just a weird show, no one seemed happy.
    Not sure what name will come up.
    its henry8, love the new name but I do miss henry. think I will change back. LOL

  4. Henry811:28 PM

    Just read your comment Sunny, I believe you. I had a feeling he screwed up the lyrics on purpose.
    I do like him, and I watched a couple of his performances on youtube that I liked. But I get bored with him too. Sorry. LOL

  5. Hell, henry it's been a shit season. Only reason I have cared is Castro. He's a local guy, I knew his Dad. He's a beautiful, funny kid and tonight he mucked about.

    Jason knew those bloody lyrics, he did that intentionally.

    Regarding entertainment and stage, no he's no Taylor Hicks certainly. He does fill a cool niche, I like his sound, as I enjoy my Ben Harper tunes from time to time.

    Thanks for caring a little about my boy, giving him a listen and stopping by. I'll come by chill's sometime soon - I read ya'll regularly but haven't posted.


  6. Henry81:15 AM

    I can believe hes a beautiful , funny kid, he looks like it, I think I would like him. Did you see that his "Over the Rainbow" with the ukele has gotten over a million hits on youtube, no longer then it has been there. And I liked it, it just has this kind of sweet and gentle vibe.
    But when I watched that tonight I couldn't help but think about Taylor and how badly he wanted to win. And how much he put into every performance. His last shot at something and it seemed like he had things to prove to a number of people, maybe. Just a whole different feeling.

    Have you been reading asses blog, I love that lady, she just cracks me up, she just skewers people to the wall with her commentary and does it so sweetly. I try real hard to stay out of everything and I think I have done pretty well for the most part. LOL

  7. I've been over to read her regularly, she is funny, always have liked her writing.

    Haven't been into anything the past several months but Idol, and it's wrapping up again. It's a fun little 'game' show. lol

    Taylor was definitely in the show to win it, he proved that weekly. Jason though, he's a completely different kind of person. He's seen the writing on the wall - last week with Paula likely sealed his hunch that the show was done with him and had picked the final three. He knew there wasn't much he could do about it, fans are fickle and viewers easily lead by Simon and company.

    Jason just doesn't have that 'killer' instinct Hicks possesses. Jason is a very laid back, lovely guy. DialIdol has him leaving and most likely he will.

    Syesha has like no fan base on-line, and Jason has the most posts on the MyIdol board. This is the first season I have ever seen in which the boards might be wrong. Where her voters are coming from I have not a clue. Some of my Idol pals think the show is just plain rigging the results, I don't buy completely into that but who knows.

  8. rixie, Wow, Bo looks like he's back! He looked and sounded great. Dawn, our editor with neighbors.go .com had a write up about the Marshall Tucker Band, they're coming to the festival. *FIXED* I misunderstood her to say Bice was coming with them, but it appears that's not the case. Likely a case of my hearing what I wanted to hear. :(

    I bought Bo's CD when it was first released and really love it. Critics harshed on him but hell with 'em. It's good. Bice has one of the best voices in his genre of music today. Wasn't his hair beautiful? Completely Pantene commercial caliber. Bo is teh bomb.

    Obviously I'm a head over heels Castro fan. Joined the Dreadhead movement on the MyIdol boards immediately when we started the psychedelic bus idea. I'm #48 on Bus One. lol

    Didn't post much on there this season though, time spent elsewhere - and sometimes that board gets a little more than I can take. ha.

    Jason is one gorgeous guy. Love that he left the show on his own terms - seems he did drop those lyrics intentionally... Can't wait for him to hit Deep Ellum again - this time he'll have a crowd. I just think the show had no idea what to do with him, he wasn't going to be their mainstream monkey.

    Yep, who knew, Rene's boy had so much talent?