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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Taylor Hicks Nings the Soul Patrol

Taylor Hicks gives the Soul Patrol - and those other fans some face time. Face time via a live webcast, chat allowing the fans to ask him questions hoping for a real answer or two. Hoping the key as while he did answer a few odd questions, for the most part fans left still questioning.

I missed the original webcast as was out doing what I do in the Big Real, but many fans had time to tune in.

I've read several folks talking about Taylor Hicks' lip smacking while he webcasts. My Pops does the same thing when he speaks, it's a nervous habit of sorts that occurs when Pops is in a social situation with folks he's not familiar.

That said, for anyone critiquing Mr. Hicks' webcast form on his Ning site, let's talk participants' questions. Seriously folks, it's been snowing buckets, hell, truckloads throughout the Northeast and Eastern U.S. How in Hell can the man golf in snow? Oh wait, perhaps like this:

Then there was the posing in PlayGirl question. C'Mon people, can you really imagine Taylor Hicks sitting about like this?

Seriously? Hilarious and, well, let's not...

Taylor Hicks was in his usual rather cagey form, not letting out anything about plans that he may have for the future after "Grease". He's talked about one of his songs off The Distance, "Maybe You Should" being destined for recording by a mystery artist - for months. Thing is, on the ning-cast he sounds as if well, perhaps it's not already a done deal, that several folks might be interested, or perhaps his 'people' are simply still shopping out the song. Or perhaps he'd just like someone to do the tune and no one has actually stepped forward to sign on the line.

I'm speculating that if he had someone with an already established name take that tune, which by the way, one of the good ones off The Distance; he'd make more off of it than if he released it. Too if he did try to release it himself, the song did not get play on the radio - no one would pick it up and the tune a bit wasted regarding potential. It's simple math and common sense.
Maybe You Should

Oh and another thing, I've decided to reopen IDOL BLUES.