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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jason Castro, "Deep in the Heart of Texas" Ukulele Style!

The Texas Department of Tourism needs to pick this rendition up of Jason Castro singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" for a new ad campaign. Jason played it with his ukulele following his "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" performance in Rockwall.

I've already suggested it to the advertising department. Might be an idea for Castro fans, drop them an email, mention that song and how much you think it a cool fit. Here's a link to the Advertising department, you can scroll down to "contact us" and write them a note. Hell, it can't hurt. Look how Alabama utilizes their Idols, Bo Bice, Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard. The Alabama Tourism Department mention them in tourism material, plus created huge billboards with their likenesses. Sure, Jason Castro did not win, but he certainly made an impact on the show.

Jason Castro's performance with that little ukulele created Idol history with iTunes sales, as well as bringing back a reminder of the late Israel Kamakawiwo Ole's great version of the song. Castro influenced the sales of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Over the Rainbow to a resurgence of #8 on the iTunes Top 20.

"Deep in the Heart of Texas" (with ukulele) Jason Castro

video by rosequeen49


  1. henry85:25 PM

    I was going to comment on how much I liked that performance of Bo's but I couldn't find a place. I will check back later.
    Taylor didn't make the charity gig and he missed getting to see Nigel sashay. (Did I spell that right) LOL

  2. That was on the google alert. What's up with the Soulman henry8? Money... or... music... may be the actual question. I'll have more on that another time. I have my thoughts on that; like those thoughts matter.

  3. henry811:28 PM

    Good God, have you been reading that damn music maven. Why does it have to be money OR music. I have never seen Taylor quite like the many people. We should discuss that some time. What was with the sarahrok thing. I'm at a disadvantage cause I never translated what you wrote. Shes a new Italian fan, loves Taylor and may not have understood. Or maybe she did, hell I don't know.

    I accused to whold bunch of you of having a party. LOL LOL

  4. I wrote that Italians seemed to have loved him. She (sarahrok) or it questioned me apparently. I haven no idea why. Doesn't seem that it posted much on Chill's to begin with - and could be someone else entirely...

    I've been questioned lately by 'you know who' no, not Bah Bah black sheep - the Other - about my leanings these days about music, life and anything of importance.

    As if anything other than pigs taking wings matter all that much in the grand scheme.

    One reason I like that boy, Jason Castro, he keeps it real, simple and won't play with his fans' minds. He's authentic. He's a real Texas boy - Shoots straight. I can understand that conceptuality.

    No, haven't been by Maven's in a month or so, but I'm due. Often we see things alike.

    Man, it's just a query regarding Hicks, and not a judgment. I might take the money and run too. lolz

    Besides, the Beatles thing, who says it's not a play for attention rather than a statement of art? the whole "Tribute" thing...

    Questionable all around. I do find it curious Bice taking it - the gig - especially in light of Idol pimping the Beatles' opportunity. Can't blame Bo though, he's certainly had his hard knocks and the man can fucking sing.

    What was your last comment sweet henry8? Blogger obviously mangled it. Happens.


  5. henry812:43 AM

    Main problem is I can't type. I accused you guys of having a party without me on Chills blog. Some are really wound up tonight. I definitely don't think like Music Maven, haven't ever since GC. Little to superior for my taste. Something wrong with my thinking, I guess, but I don't understand why singing BSD for 3 months means you can't ever have a good album or sing the dirty blues again. I'm just not that much of a purist. I was thinking, that some of the people who have been good teen angels could not even begin to do the other things that Taylor does. Such as his recent performance at the BBQ. And others. You know what I mean. And likewise Ray LaMontague couldn't in his wildest dreams be Teen Angel. But the fact of the matter is , Taylor is one of the very rare individuals that can do both. Why would anyone want to deny him using both sides of his talent? This summer, he needed to be in one spot, he needs to continue to keep money coming in, and if he hopes to have decent CD sales he needs to get his name back on the radar screen. And he need to shut down the "he stinks" press that keeps coming from somewhere.
    This production of Grease is the one from the Fox Reality Show. Do you know who is behind the financing of it? Cause I would like to know. I have a curious mind that way.
    Some seem to have the idea that Taylor was handed a career and he is blowing it. I do not agree. I think after a lot of work he was handed a chance, and was given a lot of shit to go along with it. I do believe that he was given many roadblocks because he fought back a little. Hes not a music messiah, he doesn't have the power, others do. I think hes doing to best he can and yes I am one who thinks that he does not have an aversion to living well. Call me crazy if you want, but I thought I heard it in his voice when he sang "I won't quit till I'm a star" Hes tryin.

    Sararok found us after I posted her forum website. She is out of Italy and seems nice. She likes Taylor a lot. Not sure what she was questioning you about, she may just not have understood your post.

  6. henry81:54 AM

    Oh well, I wish I hadn't said damn MM , I don't need any more enemies. LOL
    I understood who you said you weren't talking too, not postitive who you are talking too. Just tell us all to shove it and go with what you feel.
    Thats what I hope for Taylor, only he knows what is really going on.

  7. I think his doing "Grease" is a great way to draw notice to himself with the new material and tour scheduled for Fall.

    I have no issue with his doing this instead of the Beatles tribute - hell that's one night only. I'd do like Mr. Hicks, pick the three month gig over the one night one which will entail who knows how much rehearsal and time to get it ready for that one night.

    I don't know who that gal is Sararok, or care, her post just sounded belligerent, like how would I know if Italy liked Taylor. I don't - I was simply going by what I've been reading and so far positives only.

    My thought processes concerning Taylor - he simply can't be pigeon holed into a neat little box and told, 'this is all you can do for a living or I won't be your fan'. I get a kick out of those who will say that they won't like him if he does this or that.

    I don't always talk about Taylor on this site, it's not a rambling fan blog of love for the guy non-stop. Instead I carry his name and try to write things that reflect in a half-way, although at times muddling attempt, at showing an intelligent slant to provide somewhat of another side of the Hicks' fan base.

    Mr. Hicks inspires me with his very difference, his chutzpah, his keep on keeping on in the face of adversity. Helps me do the same. I face my own adversities in this life. It's why this is my favorite blog to write on.

    I hope there are times he might be proud to have his name associated with some of the words I write.

    henry8, I may not continuously praise him or agree with all of his actions or faint at the sight of his photos but he's my favorite artist in many other ways.

  8. henry810:56 AM

    I agree, Sunny, I do listen and enjoy many others besides Taylor. The only gripe I have with a few people is that they seem to think they always know better than he does. Its just possible that they don't. I don't go on and on and on either, I don't think, but sometimes when I wonder why he does a certain thing , I just don't say much because how can I really know why hes doing it? Despite what people say, I don't for a minute think I know exactly why he does things. And neither does anybody else.

    LOL So far I have remained conscious at the sight of all pictures.

  9. Bwhahaha! yes, we must maintain eyes wide open. ha.

    Man, only Taylor knows what he's doing, he certainly plays his hand close to the vest.

    I went over to read MM to see what you're talking about. She's one of the die hard GC style bloggers who are very serious about music. She takes Taylor very seriously as do many on The Boogie from what I have heard.

    I like a lot of the artists she blogs about.

    Each their own. Let's hope this doesn't fall into a big fanbase scrabble like so many other issues have with Hicks. ha.

  10. henry88:31 PM

    Yes, she does know her music. And I have no desire to create any fights. I definitely do need an edit button. :-)
    Personally,although hes the biggest thing ever right now, I do not care for Kenny Chesny but love Jimmy Buffet. I think everything Kenny does sounds just alike. IMO, if "She Thinks My Tractors Sexy" doesn't do you in nothing can.

    Sorry about the Sararok thing, she just got all excited thinking he might have another Italian fan (surely he does) We hope anyway. LOL

  11. I don't like Chesney either, he's just too schlocky. It's difficult for me to dig those country music guys who really come across as fake posers. I mean, this is a guy I read about who prefers to live on a beach like a surfer yet sings about farming and tractors. Please.

    With Sararok, must have been just a language barrier thing. lol. It's nothing. You know there are fansites with forums in Italy/Italian so he does have fans there. I ran across them a few weeks ago. Here's the link to one of them - she's the admin.

    I thought perhaps she was being negative regarding things that had occurred in the MFOYA time period. I get hits from Italy from time to time, and did back in those days...and I'm still hated by many because of my associations with that site.