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Friday, June 27, 2008

"Bittersweet Surrender" Big Heads 'n Monsters...

Big Head Todd and the Monsters, man this is one of those bands that has been underrated and under-appreciated. They've had platinum albums and been tossed by the big boy lables and yet they continue. Currently they're listing Big Records as their label - founder came from Zomba Records - aka associate; Sony BMG. Man Sony BMG, they have to own parts of everybody.

July 12th the band will be in one of Texas' most scenic little 'burbs, New Braunfels. Rumor has it they may be making a Dallas stop. Nothing confirmed on the websites yet. I'll be heading out West about that time so won't make it to New Braunfels to catch them, but hopefully the Dallas stop will happen.

Love these guys even if the lead singer bears a resemblance to my second husband. ha. Heard this tune tonight on my way in from a job on LoneStar 92.5. Lovely tune. Adore steel guitar...
"Bittersweet Surrender"

video c/o LRBproductions

This tune is absolutely brilliant. Muy magnifica.
"Broken Hearted Savior"

video c/o BigHeadTodMonsters

"Resignation Superman"

video c/o BigHeadToddMonsters
He'll come flying out of this town,
A resignation superman,
And today the bad guys win,
Cause he turned his cape in,
Now, he says,
And I'll turn my back on this world,
Yes I'll turn my eyes from this world,
Oh well...


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Those guys were a Boulder bar band when I lived there. Thought it was cool when the finally "made it".

  2. I certainly hope the stop in Dallas pans out; would love to see them again.