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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Angels" In Musical Life

Arc Angels, a little ol' band from Texas classified as a blues rock band put together in that Liberal Concentration Camp in Texas we call, "Austin", in the 1990s. If there's a certain familiar sound to what these guys' do; some were part of darling Stevie Ray Vaughn's ensemble back in the day the man walked this Earth.

Sadly a drug addiction has had play in the game and stymied this group from achieving the kind of success they really should be feeling.

I was here at this venue: Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas 2005. It was Much Fun, I'm one of the "Cat callers" in the crowd: Yes I'm sent by an Angel...

Rare Letterman appearance: Sound so-so but visuals - very nice:

video c/o PHUBB
Jay Leno vid

video ChicagoBlooz
"Too Many Ways to Fall"

video c/o truthislife
This is music, man.
Doyle Bramhill II did some play time with Clapton:
This is the shit:

video jemf999

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