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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Taylor Hicks Blinded by the (Broadway) Lights

Taylor Hicks tries to retain eyesight - blinded by the light. It looks like a pretty chaotic greeting for Mr. Hicks as he prepares for his time in the Broadway spotlights.

video c/o DeeDee56tay
The lights are bright on Broadway.
"Beauty School Drop Out"

video c/o Tappanga

Hicks does the '50's back comb man-do, descending from that Soda shop in the sky. Sadly the wings were a no-go but I'll give Hicks those virtual wings and a spiffy halo. I do love the sparkly glitter black suit.

"Blinded by the Light" Bruce Springsteen LYRICS

video c/o danumosh


  1. Thanks for the you tube videos, sunny! I was having a hard time with the Vimeo. I am loving that sparkly suit too!

  2. I really love he wore that black suit rather than don a Frankie Avalon white one. Now, if he'd just come out in that opening blowing his 'harp' that would be kewl.

  3. henry811:04 AM

    You pretty much had his costume picked out when you stuck those wings on that old picture in the silver and black. Good job. I figured they would do something different but that outfit is great. The hair is perfect for the outfit and the time period but not the best suited to him. But I like it. Thought his voice was as good as I have ever heard on BSD. So glad he could work the harp in, really puts his stamp on it.
    So far there seems to be a very devilish bent to his angel, I like it. :-)
    Did you see this blog? Written by a cast member. "Molest his chest". LOLz

  4. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Well, he did get to play his harp at the end of BSD and the curtain call. I'm with you though I don't know how they stand all those flashing cameras. LOL. It's a wonder he didn't have to have someone guide him away from Planet Hollywood. LOL