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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Taylor Hicks Fans, There is NO Guarantee.

Sometimes, I think the folks who dub themselves 'Soul Patrol' and Taylor Hicks fans only imagine they know what they want. Hitting the reality button, it seems that when they each signed up as fans for the man, their preconceived notions and impressions have had to go through some changes. Perhaps that's why so many are in turmoil with what really drew them to Mr. Hicks.

Was it the Sam Cooke, "A Change a Gonna Come"? No, I think that's what perhaps grabbed some initial attention. I'm of the thought process that what captured the viewers of American Idol during Hicks' reign on the show, his "NO guts, NO Glory" attitude . So why now when Mr. Hicks makes decisions to carry that life force that is his wild and restless spirit, the very thing that make some decide to bail out of his fan base?

Hoops this man won't jump through. Taylor Hicks won't sit when you tell him to "sit". He won't "stay" on command. So what were you looking for when you sat on your asses and cast all those votes while he was on that reality show? Did you think you could make him your puppet? Pull your strings and make him dance and jump? Think again.

To think that he owes us as fans, is right and true. In saying that I mean it only so far as he needs to honestly recognize, communicate and respect those who follow him. To think he owes fans in so much as to play organ grinder monkey to their specified music, that's another matter. Taylor Hicks is not your monkey, he's not your slave, no matter how much money you have to spend to follow him.

If you're a fan who appreciates the man - the man as he stands - you might be in for a fun and interesting ride. Full of twists and turns and quirks. If you're in this with Hicks to try and dictate, you're in the Wrong Place.

To appreciate Taylor Hicks you have to have a place in your heart that knows where 'those wild horses run'. You have to have a place in your soul open to that free spirit. Anyone who knows horses knows that you can't tame Mustangs. They have to want to be your friend. It is similar to that.

You Run Taylor Hicks. This Sun Shines for you.

U2 "Wild Horses"

video c/o DutchMacPhisto


  1. henry84:31 PM

    I very much like what you wrote about Taylor. Thought all of it was very true.
    Its always seemed to me that Taylor loves entertaining of all kinds and has that rare ability to be good at many different things, that seems to bother or confuse some people, its possible that it is not always a good thing for his career. It seems that many think that doing one thing detracts from others. I always see it as an addition but thats just me.
    I mentioned one line of your blog as recommended reading and got swatted upside the head from someone who has been gone and apparently isn't over past unpleasentness. Oh, well what can I do?

  2. That's really well said, Sunny. I hate the fact that TH is doing Broadway (it's too corny for me), but I'm still a fan.

    I'm not walking away because of this ONE thing that I'm not interested in. In fact, I'm really excited about the new CD and can't wait to see Taylor on tour again.

    But I think what bothers the folks who have been so vocal is that Taylor said many times that he feels it's his calling to bring back soul music. I guess they worry that if he keeps getting sidetracked he may never get back to the thing that he's so gifted at. That would be a waste.

    Nobody needs to jump on me! I'm just trying to understand the people who say they're done, but I can't really know what they're thinking. I can only speak for myself and I'm not going anywhere.

    Having an open, frank discussion is OK, right? You're not going to blackball me or ban me just because I don't agree with you, right? (haha) I don't really expect you to, but you know how touchy the fan base can be if you don't toe the party line.

    Anyway, nice blog. Eloquently put.

  3. Margaret12:08 AM

    Hey Sunny,

    I'm making one of my rare visits.

    Interesting blog! I think the Broadway thing could work out for Taylor. Maybe he'll love it and do more leading roles. Why not let him try it and see? And it means some income which he doesn't have right now...

    As a former huge fan, I still wish him success in his career, whatever twists and turns it takes.

  4. "Hoops this man won't jump through. Taylor Hicks won't sit when you tell him to "sit". He won't "stay" on command. So what were you looking for when you sat on your asses and cast all those votes while he was on that reality show? Did you think you could make him your puppet? Pull your strings and make him dance and jump? Think again."

    Bravo, sunny!! Well said. You have hit the nail on the proverbial head. It's not about them, it's about him.

  5. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Very well said Sunny! I for one think he is having a great time playing the character on Broadway. Three months living in NYC, alot of downtime to work on his CD while still making money to put toward the CD!! I'm sure he has a plan, and making sweet, soulful music is still on his agenda.


  6. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Sunny a little late to the party. I just wanted to say I really miss your insight on the insanity of this fan base. I always agreed with pretty much everything you ever wrote and was offended when you were being attacked by that particular blog for having an opinion different then theirs. This is something that happens EVERYWHERE within this fan base and I just can't stand it. Will you consider starting up again? Maybe taking on why people cannot let sleeping dogs lie? Why sites like makingfunofyourasses feel the need to create turmoil by attacking others with different opinions, or why sites like the Boogie board attack any fans who have anything to say that is not puppies and rainbows about Hicks or the SP? Maybe how people were offended that there was love for David Cook on a Taylor site while now that Taylor supports Cook it's ok. I think these are interesting topics and there really needs to be a place to vent different opinions and not get attacked by rabid fans. It seems like there is no place for this. That Orphans blog is a little sketchy and self indulgent so they won't work. But please consider!

  7. Hi you.
    Hey, you know I'm a fan but I'm a realistic fan not one of the fantasy world fans. Never will be.

    Regarding MFOYA that was an exploration about the elephant in the room, so to speak. Turned into more than that - rather a complete unique testimony to on-line fan world and their extremism potentiality.

    I've come to peace with the blog that was all about attacking me. Their reason was MFOYA. I refused to let anyone dictate where my mind, eyes, keyboard and opinions may travel. They did not like my curiosity. Self expression is not a bad thing.

    Regarding coming back, I'm not sure what all that may entail; email me.

    Regarding endorsing Cook, I understand where Hicks is coming from, I did not mind David C. won. He's got talent. Too, Hicks is not a 'fan' of Jason Castro. I suppose he has his reasons. ha. ;)

    Notice Jason's tunes are on the site now? How fun is that?