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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Angelic Musings

Angels have been a study in fascination throughout mankind's history. Questions such as whether they exist, what really is their role in the big scheme of things regarding the afterlife and humanity have been pondered by religious scholars as well as laymen.

There are talks about the differing varieties of angels, you know the Guardian Angels that supposedly watch over folks, the archangels who are viewed as the more active and warrior type, and the chubby cherubs depicted in Renaissance art that flutter around images of Christ and his followers. So much debate and talk over celestial beings that may or may not actually exist.

There have been movies made about angels, some of my favorites being "Michael" with John Travolta, "Heaven Can Wait" with Julie Christie and Warren Beaty, and not to omit the classic, "Miracle on 34th Street".
"Michael" clip

video c/o johnlynn20th

Why am I talking about Angels tonight? Well, outside the fact that Mr. Hicks is featured as one in the Broadway production of "Grease"? It seems one of the Taylor Hicks fans has started her own blog about them. She sees them in clouds in the sky whenever she points her trusty cell phone heavenwards. There are people who claim to actually see and photograph angels, seeing them in cloud structures. You know, whatever soothes your soul I guess, go for it.
"She Talks to Angels" Black Crowes

Or it could be just wishful thinking. (I'm leaning that direction.) When I was a kid one of our favorite pastimes was lying in the yard and making shapes out of the clouds. It's like that - or is it? ha.
"Angels, Devils, Thorn in My Pride" Black Crowes

video c/o rosie321X

Now this is an Earthly Angel - this chica lays it down.
"Son of a Preacher Man" Joss Stone

video c/o SupererDuperer


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Thank you for your commentary regarding my blog. I am brightlite and I welcoem you anytime to come over and discuss your innate intelligences. I find disicussion regarding spirituality to be scintilating. I enjoy your blog as well.

  2. Thank you BriteLite. I find your photos and thought processes interesting. Better to be interesting than not. lol Nice pics.

    I'll be back by.