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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Taylor Hicks vs Schedule: Teen Angel Taking the Priority

Taylor Hicks is backing out of scheduled appearances almost as soon as they're announced lately. First Wolf Trap is canceled, and Bo Bice steps up to fill the void, and now it's known that Mr. Hicks went and simply no-showed for the Los Angeles Share Charity event. Perhaps it was the thought of honoring ol' 'Uncle' Nigel Lythgoe that turned him away? That might do it for me. He did make it to Italy to fulfill his obligations there, and man, who wouldn't make sure they were on that flight for some Mediterranean fun in the sun.

Realistically, looking at the travel time, the looming of - this weekend - Taylor's making his Broadway debut, it's understandable that he must select where his physical presence and time be spent. This Broadway gig, although mourned and panned by some of Taylor Hicks' fans as well as some of the Soul Patrol groupies Is a Big Deal. It's something new, inventive. It's Mack-Daddy wild.

To play that Guardian Angel from above who sings to guide Frenchy when she drops out of beauty school, a pivotal yet small role. Past Teen Angels have been Donny Most, Davy Jones, Chris Colfer, Eddie Mekka, Chubby Checker, John Farnham, Mary Bond Davis, Jennifer Holliday, Al Jarreau, Darlene Love, Felix Healy.

Speaking of Davy Jones, it made me think of this: (Davy Jones and The Monkees)

video c/o sarame287

Back to Angels and the angle, I think if Taylor Hicks works this part the right way, makes it something spectacularly cool, even while wearing (I hope) those fluffy wings, it will turn his career. Certainly the man could use a new slant and change is often a good thing. Many folks fear change, but not this guy!

Really, for Taylor Hicks to dive into this "Grease" gig, it is a very brave, fabulously outrageous and daring move. I love this quality the guy seems to own. Times like this when he just goes off the wall, remind me of why I continue to follow his news, his career. He's just bloody fascinating.

Taylor Hicks obviously, is not afraid to put himself out there - as in the American Idol era - with wild abandon. This is one of the main qualities I first adored in this guy. The fact he had a distinct way of presenting himself, musically, did not hurt either. Naysayers, I understand where you're coming from, but there's something about Mr. Hicks doing this Broadway gig that glimmers of potential genius. You might just have to look at this issue while standing upside down and looking sideways.

Man, Taylor Hicks, you go put those wings on baby, show them how to fly.

"Hard Sun" Eddie Veddar, just because I like it. Lyrics

vidoe c/o LoremlpsumDolor


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Thanks for the Taylor blog. Don't forget the golf tournament.

    I'm not much into Jason Castro, but I'll always come give you kudos for Taylor blogging.

    Come back and visit us soon! ;)

  2. Hi, hadn't been by in a while, although a mutual friend has kept me updated.