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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Taylor Hicks Drops In on Regis and Kelly, Again

Taylor Hicks should be on 'going out to dinner' terms with Regis and his co-host Kelly Ripa. Taylor Hicks returns to the show to perform "Beauty School Drop Out" the number he's performing in "Grease". It's Broadway Week on Regis and Kelly, so natch, they have to have Mr. Hicks drop in.

I think Mr. Hicks' previous visit to the show was during the show's annual Wedding Special Week. He was the selected singer for the winning couple's wedding. He and Kelly Ripa had a great time partying in that event. Kelly's always seemingly ready to give the Soulman some love and affection and commends his being "Gorgeous!" after his performance. Kelly praised his look, "from head to toe". The silver and black look absolutely fabulous on him.

The only video I have been able to find on his performance on the show was this one circulating on all the blogs, out on RedLasso. It cuts off the ending of his interview time. I have got to get myself that capability to transfer video on television to my computer...

I think Mr. Hicks did a great job, his delivery is fun, smiling, mellow. His vocals sound very good, he puts out such a smooth vibe. He makes a devilishly fun Teen Angel.


  1. I'm not a big fan of Broadway musicals, per se, and as far as Taylor's number in Grease, I just look at it as great fun. I think what we're all loving about it is that devilish/angel thing! He pulls it off. He looks great, he seems to be having a lot of fun, and his voice is awesome. I hate when some fans say, He can sing the phonebook and I'd love it, but really, it is about his voice. He has a great sense for making songs his own. I'm looking forward to the next CD.

  2. I think he sounds great too, his cheeky and fun turn in this production looks intriguing enough for me to consider checking it out live too.

    Thing is I'm back and forth to the West coast this Summer, so will be tough to try and work it in - ha.