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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taylor Hicks Sunday Morning Going 'Round

A whole lotta shakin' going on Broadway, apparently as yet another theater reviewer comments positively on Taylor Hicks' Big New York Adventure. In this article, the writer draws an Elvis comparison. It's that glitter suit, man.

video c/o hewi0301
(Make sure y'all click the links, it's necessary to our story today...)

Not everyone agrees that Taylor Hicks in a Broadway musical such a kewl idea. On the mfoyaorphans site, Keepin' it Real, they continue their satirically driven Taylor Hicks' career coverage. Balancing it out, sitting on the other side of the fan rail, the fans who may deem it verging on blasphemy that anyone offer any opinions on the direction he take in his career. Yep, they just want that you stop that "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda" mentality right now and shut the hell up.

What do I know? Man, I'm one of those morons that, if I'd actually purchased something a friend wanted, allegedly for that friend, I'd just give it to them.

I am that stupid.


video c/o BackToYouFuckers

Certainly within the Taylor Hicks' Fan Camp there are many who love to spend hours trying to anticipate his thoughts, ideas, lifestyle. Unless you're psychically gifted - no not psychotically gifted - that may be the only option, since Mr. Hicks is not going to vlog his way into our hearts like Jason Castro which in some ways is too bad. I love Castro's open minded and honest approach to the fans and the world in general. To find a happy medium in the Taylor Hicks' communication world would be a welcome change. ('medium', as in middle ground, not as in a happy psychic.) Yes, I too am guilty of the "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda" game.

Regarding seeing some mind-altering, verging on psychic Taylor Hicks' news capabilities, there is one site seemingly privy to the "inside" information. This individual has been "Johnny on the Spot" when it comes to Taylor Hicks photographs and now audio. From the mouth of Taylor to the ears of fans, this inside sound scoop was presented today by TaysHarmonica. Don't know the where and the when this audio was recorded but it sounds very clear, studio quality. There are background noise as if it was a club performance, but that could have been layered in by a mixer... So tell me, which one of the Taylor Hicks associates are they? Reminds me just a little of that Ray and Lamont Goldfish web site. Loved how they were always spreading the word about their "Daddy".

Touching one more time on the Modern Whomp site that came into being mid-month, mystery solved as anyone following Mr. Hicks' should know by now. Man, I was hoping it would turn into some kind of obtuse and intriguing trading recipes and Hicks site, but instead clicks to the Hicks' information deficit "Myspazz" site. I sent in my contribution but it was never posted, so I'll share this with you in the event y'all are out doing some grilling today.

Grilled Veggies
(Pre-wash well. d'oh)
2 zucchini, cut into 2" chunks
2 yellow squash, cut into 2" chunks
8 ounces fresh whole mushrooms (That's about 2 pkgs.)
2 red and green bell peppers, cut into 2" chunks (Orange or yellow nice color variances.)
2 medium red onions, cut into wedges (or one large juicy one)
2 ears sweet corn, cut into 2" chunks
16 whole cherry tomatoes
8 ounces teriyaki sauce
1 ounce Soy Sauce
1 ounce Yoshida's if ya have it.

Wash vegetables except mushrooms. Brush mushrooms clean. (Yes, dirt left on the fungi is not appetizing...) Prepare vegetables according to recipe. Cook corn in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Toss vegetables in teriyaki sauce. Thread vegetables onto skewers. Place on grill over medium-hot heat. Baste occasionally with teriyaki/soy/Yoshida's sauce. Grill 20 minutes or until tender.

Optional, but for those times you might want a lil' something sweet, add chunks of fresh pineapple. It's rather Hawaiian - ish... (I highly recommend the pineapple.)

If you must have meat, big prawns go very well with this combination.

Go on, light that fire and happy grilling, happy Sunday.


  1. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Sunny, I don't know about any of this fan stuff anymore. I just don't enjoy reading the sites. I can't stand the fawning, the stupid posts and the non-stop speculation about things that are none of their beezwax. I don't enjoy reading most of the blogs because they are either too much of the same crap or just too darn negative.

    I was reading that thread on the Boogie about the lady that had passed. There was a memorial made for her and on that memorial was pictures of Taylor. Taylor? Her tickets and autographs from him and her soul patrol "stuff." I almost fell out of my chair because I realized this is NOT just online fun. This was her a big part of her life. I didn't "get" that until I saw that memorial. These fans live for him and will die for him. They might deny it, but it's really the truth. It explains the rabid behavior and the denials over the obvious stuff. This explains why they refuse to see anything "not puppies and rainbows" about him because it would ruin it for them.

    I thought this fan stuff was just entertainment? Isn't that what it was supposed to be? It sure was for me. If someone says something bad about him, who cares? It doesn't change my life or make me have a worse day. Why on earth would it? This obsession just freaks me out a lot.

    For example, who cares if BluzKat bought a domain name? I do not understand the drama around this. It's not as if she wants to sell it for a million dollars or better yet, that he would even want it. Yet, these crazy people make an issue out of it. I just don't relate to any of this.

    I feel sad that Taylor can't just have "normal" fans of a normal demographic. I am sad for him. He promised them music, not a life. It must be hard being on the receiving end of this intensity. These fan sites are not welcoming to different viewpoints, so I don't know how his fan base will ever expand. I don't care how great his music is, the SP for the most part is scary.

  2. It's a fascination for me, reading the statements that many make about Mr. Hicks. It might explain his somewhat egotistic, self-centric behavior and why he's not kinder and gentler and more communicative with his fans.

    Man, reading some of that stuff, after a while you might begin to think you are some kind of God. lol

    Now let's see who takes umbrage with what I just wrote.

    Thanks for posting, I know you prefer your anonymity and I'm very good with protecting that sort of thing. It's important to me as well. Later, chica.

  3. Anonymous11:40 PM

    I don't think Taylor likes his fan base. I think that's why he comes across that way. I also don't believe he has respect for them. If you were to look at the musicians he looks up to and the careers he looks up to, those fans are night and day to what he's got going for him. I'm sure if he could wish for a particular fan base, this one would not be it.

    His fans even scare me and I don't have to see them day after day waiting for me at the stage door. But what can he do? I don't know the answer to that.

  4. On the orphans site one gal wrote about her not so memorial impromtu meet with Mr. Hicks. Seems the guy was hanging with a few pals, relaxing and she spied him, approached him and asked for a photo op.

    She was disappointed from what I read that he wasn't all hugs and smiles. He was not as receptive as she'd hoped.

    Time and place make a difference.