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Thursday, March 02, 2006

IDOL Chatter from March 1 performance

"Its music man. If music is in your heart you feel it, you play it, you sing it, you perform it, you bust your buns doing it. That’s what its all about!!" - Taylor Hicks

..........I think he can do way better than Bo (Bice). And Bo did ok. ~Gypsy

On 3/1/06, limbuwaan off the Yahoo Soul Patrol, wrote:
yeah..I want to realy see him sing like the way Bo (Bice) did or Chris did tonight, because he really has the heart and soul for it!

On 3/1/06, Rachel, from the Yahoo Soul Patrol, wrote:
ugh!this show better kick into gear soon ... we had a few good numbers but not nearly enough - taylor was good - not greatand although he seems to have reduced his physical ticks - singing hey or yeah every 10 seconds was a little much, i thought..i love every mp3 of taylor's that i have and there's none of that on his recorded stuff so i'm wondering if it's a nervous thing...rachel

On 3/1/06, hilaryhaft2000 from the Yahoo Soul Patrol, wrote:
ok guys i have to say since i have not seen any posts about it yet.....How good looking did Taylor look in his pin-stripped suit....lookin hot taylor !!!

............He shoulda sang "She came into the bathroom window. LOL.........
On 3/1/06, limnath, Yahoo Soul Patrol, wrote:
OK Folks,I'm not gonna sugarcoat this even if I am a Taylor Hicks fan ( whyelse would I visit this thread )? Tht top 10 male performance of "EASY" was underwhelming. Firstly, he's gotta cut down on this "whoos". We heard him do it inLEVON. Why do it again on a song like this one ? Totally unecessary.Secondly, SONG CHOICE WILL KILL YOU. Nadia Turner for example, was arguably one of the better singers last season. What got hereliminated prematurely ? ANSWER — POOR SONG CHOICE.Whoever advised Taylor to choose this boring song ought to be shownthe door ASAP. This does not showcase what Taylor can do. Thirdly, the elimination nights are the chance to showcase yourpersonal talents and highlight your strengths. WHY ? WELL BECAUSE YOUARE NOT LIMITED TO A THEME OR A COMPOSER !! You can pretty much chooseanything you want, any genre. Why Taylor did not choose to blow usaway with his awesome version of GEORGIA ON MY MIND will be the puzzle, only he knows how to answer. Apparently he doesn't read this forum.Mind you, Taylor's fans will keep him safe this week for the reason that his performance was good enough ( not the best, Christ Daughtry'sHEMORAGE was the best and Eliott's MOOD FOR LOVE eclipsed Taylor too). But Taylor was not the worst ( I don't think he can ever be ). He was middling at worst.BUT IF HE STILL FAILS TO DO GEORGIA NEXT WEEK, IT WOULD BE A SIN. I'mafraid with the lame theme nights (e.g. DISCO ) coming in the top 12,this will be his last chance to showcase what he can do. PLEASE TAYLOR, IF YOU'RE READING THIS — DO GEORGIA ( the one we've allheard ).It would be a total shame to let AI 5 pass us by without hearing you do this on national TV.

Hello hicks fans! I'm Benj and a Big Fan of Taylor like y'all. :)Loved him since the Las Vagas Audition and Hollywood week. I was a bit disappointed with "Easy" seemed too safe and "easy" for him. Taylor doesn't need to be safe. Hope he sings something upbeat next. Or at least Georgia. :)
He should sing "I 'm a man of Constant sorrow" from O brother where art thou or Joe Cocker's "Unchain my heart" or "with a little help from my friends" what do you guys say? If he reads this then pls Tay bring him home boy..next time!

From another posting;

He could absolutely WOW us with Georgia, Baby What'd I say, With A Little Help From My Friends, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.... There's four songs that I think everyone here would love to hear him sing and the country would collectively say WOW! This guy is something special. My personal choice for next week would be like you said, Georgia.

These exerpts are from posts I reviewed regarding the Wed. night AI 5 show. They mirror the type of comments voiced repeatedly posted on various sites.

One thing is for certain; The Soulman is getting more than his share of fan support and tons of coverage. He is smoking up the web and blogrolls like I have never seen, even coverage about Bo Bice pale somewhat from last year compare to what Taylor Hicks is currently receiving.

Hot Stuff.

Groove on Soulman.

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