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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Reluctant New Hicks Fan ( brilliant blogger)

Some great excerpts from the blog:
"Week in week out thousands of ninnies dream of going on some TV show to become the next goddamned American Idol; their dreams involve being processed and packaged, of becoming prime time merchandise with a built-in expiration date. No matter how real the talent featured on AI might be – and they can’t help but stumble over some, no? – because the show is a show it inevitably feels phony, contrived. What came out of Hicks’ mouth seemed genuine. "

Which led into - LOVE this;
"But I stopped eating my dinner, went over to the couch, and nodded along when Paula Abdul said, “Wasn’t... expecting... that.”
(Her expression was priceless. Like someone had just turned over one of those little cans with the holes in it. Where did that “Moo” come from?)"
Just kill me, too funny.

"Abdul did a really smart thing and asked him for twenty seconds of something else, and it was what happened next – before Hicks launched into a little bit of Ray Charles’ “Swannee River Rock” – that was really remarkable.
He glowed. He beamed. Because he would get to sing some more."
Which is what Hicks lives for...

"Towards that end, Hicks employs a whole series of questionable ticks and affectations: When he sings, he claps his hands and slaps the sides of his legs and sways. Just like his idol, Ray Charles. Is this an impersonation? Is this just an act?
I’m buying it. Hicks comes off as a compulsive misfit, one who’s missing something – I keep waiting for him to turn to the camera and ask us to tell him about the rabbits – and has learned to fill that void with music. Someone for whom music is a necessary thing."

This brilliant blogger had this to say about Hicks' response to being accepted into the hallowed 24 finalists; that instead of simply thanking the judges;

"He made music. He has to make music, whether it’s by a dirty street corner or in a subway station or on (ugh) FOX. The AI site has a brief interview in which Hicks describes his profession as “broke performer;” if he loses the competition, he plans on going back to being a broke performer."

Whereas this blogger isn't all praise and unbiased adulation, the blog piece concludes with rooting for Taylor, because he is the unlikely winner, and has the most to offer in sheer heart for the music he performs.

Isn't that what American Idol is suppose to be about?

Groove on Soulman.

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