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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idol March 14, the recaps continue...

In the event you haven't been Google updated on the AI5 reviews, here are two more.

TV Squad was up late too, here is there take on the AI5 contestants; article posted at about 1:00 a.m.


Mike Brantley with al.com has an apparent direct telephone line to Hick's grandmother, she said if he makes it through to the next round he may be singing something fromthe '50's...
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The '50's, that is a pretty wide-open market...any sugggestions for the "SunnylovesSoul Suggestion Box"?

Groove on Soulman!!!


  1. Rick and Bubba are local and I listen to them quite often...can't believe I missed that interview.

    The SOUL MAN tore it UP last night!!

  2. Sunny... Good for you for putting up this site. As a professional musican, I have to say that Taylor is by far and away my favorite contestant on Idol throughout all five seasons. He's got "it". Keep the faith, and be sure you vote!!

  3. Chuck, he did tear it up; again! I love watching him, listening to him! Thanks for stopping by...

  4. renarf, always good to hear from more Tay Hicks fans, Ain't he Cool?!

    I started blogging about him after I first saw him on A.I. Immediately. ;)