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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

19E and American Idol owe Taylor Hicks

Well First I am pushing my article; click the link and read on, then come back for further discussion.....

OK I'm pretending ... and hoping you took me seriously - read the article.

You understand I LOVE THIS GUY!!! .........right?

Let me play Simon Cowell - again; I've done this before on my blog. Referring back to my March 1st posting, I said things to the effect that Daughtry was the guy to beat. Well the field is widening my Sexy Silver Fox, Paris Bennett brought "it" tonight, Daughtry again, brought "it" tonight; Elliot Yamin...you know, he had the hair fluffed, the goatee; he actually got me a little 'hot' about him a little tonight. Yamin brought IT. Kat McPhee, man if I 'went that way; hello Dolly!' She is so cute - sort of a Katie Holmes thing going on with her;but she can sing beautifully. Really....

Then darlin' lil' Miss Pickler (Miss Sexy, Gritty, more savvy than dumb blonde) came in and DID Patsy Cline; one of my favorite artists. She delivered the GHOST of Patsy Cline. That is what it is going to take to win this competition. If anyone ever thinks that Kellie Pickler is a stupid Hick; they are deluding themselves; especially after tonight's performance....she's a real femme fatale...that's what Simon was referring to when he called her a 'Minx'.

Aside to The Soulman:
Hicks, You can't do what you did tonight to "Slay the American Idol dragon". That's what I really want to see you do. Win it and yet still get what you want out of it. Take that brass ring, don't hold back thinking you don't need it - you do. Your fans want you to win it; to let them down at the level you are at will kill them. That will Kill you. Get it???

Man, doing Mystery Train - a bluesy cool tune which would have fit you like the proverbial glove would have given you tonight. Instead do you know what I saw? Hicks Hollywood Version 101.0 I don't want to see 102.0. Yeah, you danced - BUT you could be eliminating the essence of you - the almost spaz-soul-dancing attributes you came in with - don't think 'safe' THINK WIN THIS! This time in AI it's not about only the contestant; higher stakes are at play; it is also about individuality. and more. Barry Manilow tonight made a comment about Daughtry tonight' he sticks to who he is - Soulman tonight you did not.
Taylor, don't stop now.

Win this.

Don't pull a Bo Bice. (He regrets it, I know... )

Man I love you so much and believe in you; it would just be so sad if you laid over and died. Tonight seemed like a 'lay over and die; collect my laurels' performance.

What in the f*&%^ did they talk you into wearing? You're a Soulman...not a freaking Hicks Hollywood man.

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