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Friday, February 22, 2008

Taylor Hicks and the Alabama Hall of Fame

Edited: NO Hicks isn't being entered into the Alabama Hall of Fame, rather he's being recognized for his efforts in Alabama music.
Taylor Hicks accepting his award:

Taylor Hicks Accepting Award from satinsummer on Vimeo.

In al.com the on-line news source for the Birmingham News, Taylor Hicks is being celebrated for his recent honor of being bestowed an award from the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Of course the much loved by Mr. Hicks Birmingham barbecue, is touted as it's one of Taylor's favorite things, but his love for the stuff slightly overshadowed by his appreciation for this honor. Having been to Alabama many times to visit my Brilliant Daughter I understand his love for the tasty food genre, but I have to say the Texas version much better. (Of course.) Next time Hicks comes to Dallas, he need pull up a bench at a local Dickeys or Sonny Bryans, now that's great barbecue.

Speaking of my Brilliant Daughter, she shares something with Taylor Hicks. She too was featured in al.com, but it was during last week - she also had a write-up in USA Today. Suffice to say, as she leaves the University of Alabama, Mr. Hicks' song "Do I Make You Proud" will be warbling through my head. Alabama has been good to my kid, and for that I am eternally grateful - but she has helped work to repay that debt. She along with the others on their research team, won a grant for the school coming to a quarter of a million dollars. I can imagine she's made U of A proud and pleased they decided to provide her with a full four-year scholarship. Parkinson's patients one day in the new future may have reason to celebrate my Brilliant Daughter as well. Through her work my girl has been working to isolate a gene that may very well provide a cure. Won't that be something to sing about? "Smart" runs in our family, but obviously skipped a generation with me. My Dad developed the prototype of the touch-screen computer - he was pioneering research for that piece of technology way back in the 1960's, early 1970's. He was also responsible for developing the first programs that tallied sales and profit/loss for businesses within primitive computer technology. Some of his first customers were Las Vegas hotels and Dallas restaurants. Normally weekends were spent being treated to some of the finest dining Big D had to offer, on the establishment's dime. We also spent many a long weekend in Vegas with Pops, hanging poolside at the major hotels, restaurants and casinos while he conducted business meetings.

Returning to the subject of Taylor Hicks, I loved some of his quotes in this article. They let his humor and personality shine through. Shine in a similar fashion to this picture of him in New Orleans recently cutting the hardwoods with his version of the funky chicken. He tells al.com, "I think the last award I received was for being tardy the most in high school. This will be a step up."

I understand that sentiment to a degree, although I did not gain award from my tardies, I was the champion of detention, scoring 53 my Freshman year in High School. It's sad, but true, that's how I went about making my parents darn proud. Ever the rebel.

Hicks talks about jazz bassist Cleve Eaton, 68, of Fairfield. Taylor Hicks says, "When Cleve plays, he's one of those musicians who's in another world," Hicks said. "While we're listening to him on Earth, he's playing the bass in Mars...". Eaton one of the other honorees included in the induction ceremony. He played with the Ramsey Lewis Trio, toured with the Count Basie Orchestra and collaborated with many other jazz luminaries.

Also included, singer, song-writer, Chris Tompkins of Greenhill, who recently won a Grammy Award as the co-writer of Carrie Underwood's hit "Before He Cheats." Tompkins has also played with Alabama darling, Bo Bice at the Bluebird Cafe early last year. Nashville Star winner, Angela Hacker of LaGrange, will also be honored. She's a talented lady, but I found it difficult to watch Nashville Star. That show takes the American Idol cheese and whips it into that unidentifiable substance that pretends to be cheese sold in a jar. I don't know if it's the judging panel or what but I just couldn't get into that show.

Taylor Hicks continues to make the state of Alabama proud, this a great honor for his talents in the music business. He may not have won a Grammy, but we understand what a truly politically driven mine field that event has really turned into. It is true the stars do fall on Alabama. I'll miss my Brilliant Daughter attending school there in that we won't have reason really to visit the state when she moves on. Looks like her next stop might be California. Haven't spent much time there, just skiing in Tahoe. Napa Valley here I come.

Taylor Hicks is absolutely brilliant preforming this tune.
"Ain't No Sunshine" Taylor Hicks video


  1. Annie3:23 PM

    I loved the writeup on al.com, and I love your positive outlook on it. Taylor will always be #1 to me.

    PS- just a quick correction- he is not being inducted into the AMHOF- he's receiving the America's Music Award, and performing this evening. He'll have to be in the business for a heck of a long time to actually get inducted.

  2. Thanks Annie, I misunderstood apparently - I was under the impression Alabama was already putting him in the H of F.

    Thanks for clarification! Whatever it is, it's a positive thing for Mr. Hicks.

  3. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Thank you for posting his Ain't No sunshine, and for keeping us up to date. Nice to see that he's still the same big lovable dork.

  4. Anonymous5:32 PM