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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Taylor Hicks' Tale of Two Women Walks on

Taylor Hicks' Tale of Two Girlfriends hit the pages of America On-Line today. All I could say was, "Holy Crap!" Man, you've just got to feel a twinge for Ms. Lyders. It's one thing for a guy to get randy on a beach with a babe, but to be touted as the girlfriend of interest, then speculation and evidence comes to the forefront discounting your place in the story - what can that be like? Certainly it would not be pleasant to be walking in her shoes.

Rather than interest waning in this Tale of Two Women,interest seems to be growing. The copy title on the America On-Line News article reads, "Idol Hicks' Gal Pal Under Scrutiny". It seems that RADAR Magazine reporter, Neel Shah has captured the attention of a broader market in entertainment news.

The AOL News article includes, "Fans and bloggers rushed to analyze the beach photos with TV stills of Lyders, and concluded that she was not the person Hicks' reps said she was." The story, even though it defies rationality and logic apparently has legs because it keeps on walking. There is a poll available for readers to hit to voice their opinion of the story. To keep it real and AOL News recognizes some voters might be more 'motivated' than others and says in the clause,
NOTE: Poll results are not scientific and reflect the opinions of only those users who chose to participate. Poll results are not reflected in real time. That should keep the FanTards at Fanatics busy for some time.
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  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Well I'll be darned. MFOYA vindicated now nationally. I did not expect something as big as AOL news. Crazy!

  2. My husband, who is oblivious to everhthing in this world other than money, the real estate business, the state of republican politics, and our children's soccer teams actually came home last night and asked me "What's the deal with Taylor Hicks and the two women?? I nearly died!! If this man is aware of it, it's hit mainstream!

  3. Henry88:50 AM

    Well, I enjoyed the comments at AOL, many were very funny, I didn't even have to join in. LMAO
    didn't seem like most were too interested.

  4. Most making the comments were AOL regulars. Like on blogcritics.org, many spend their time only on that site and enjoy being snarky.

    Most were not fans of the man. Wasn't a discussion of the MFOYA or RADAR story as much as the group wondering 'who the hell cares about Hicks?'

    It's a huge venue to get his name out though, and the site put him out recognizing the success RADAR is having in drawing comments and hits with his name.

    If you check out the overall stories on RADAR the others pale in comparison regarding comments to the Taylor pieces. The tale of two women, henry8, is just so through the roof bizarre most will be hard-pressed to believe it. Thing is the story is getting Taylor talked about in a fresh light.

    Lois Gibson might be wishing she'd not commented on the story after all.

    His appearance this week on Regis & Kelly good timing, don't you think with the news of the Two Women hitting AOL News?

    Let TFHzone know, AOL News is owned by America On-Line, one of the biggest on-line news sources, affiliated with a name that the Fanatics should all recognize - Time Warner. Heard of ViaCom? Tell her to wake up, read a paper now and again.

    My husband works for a company who handles their Time Magazine and Time for Kids distribution. Check that...
    Wonder where this story might go next?

  5. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Henry8, no one gives a shit about Taylor Hicks, so giving shit about his fake girlfriend would go hand in hand with that. But it seems AOL (the media) gives a shit. What is AOL, like 100 million users?

  6. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Sunny, I think people who read that article walk away believing it because an expert confirms it. The problem is, no one cares if Taylor Hicks was to get run over by a truck.

  7. Hi you,
    I don't say they won't believe it, I'm just commenting on the bizarro alternative universe idea behind it and who thought of it.

    Actually I've had several emailers saying they do believe it - many folk seem apprehensive to post because they are concerned the Chicken-Hawk Chill Team will come copy and paste 'em. ha.

    I'll put some of those up later. ;)

    It really angers me how Ms. Gibson's being treated by some of those folks. They have some nerve, eh?

  8. Yeah, the company is vast. Can you believe TFHzone asking if they were still in business? hahahahaha!

  9. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Shut. Up. Please tell me that didn't really happen!?? is AOL out of business?? HAHAHAHAHAHA. It's pretty amazing how desperate these people are to prove they have some kind of value or some kind of say, or some kind of knowledge. They don't even carer if they have to make it up. They have been wanting so bad for Taylor to show up with CL somewhere ever since MFOYA announced the sham was over, and it never happened. so now it's like they are really grasping at straws to be right about just something, anything. It's interesting though, they've attacked MFOYA, they've attacked Radar, they've attacked AOL. See the pattern? If CNN was to bring this up, believe me, they would attack CNN. It is a sickness these people have. An inability to move past their small minds and big egos. And these are supposed to be grown (old) ladies over there. The problem is, these idiots think this is some kind of fan war and they are losing. Meanwhile, no one is fighting with them. They are fighting with themselves, jerking each other off. The more crazy, and stupid and freay the comment, the harder they suck each others wankers. It's hilarious.

  10. Anonymous12:26 PM

    As for the treatment of Ms Gibson, these people are little nobodies in the world. You know? Ms Gibson is somebody that actually DOES something for this world. She has an expertise, she is a professional, she is well-known, she does great things for mankind. To attack someone like her, well, it shows what kind of animals they are first of all and also, God will strike down on them anyway.

  11. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Sunny you are delusional?
    It's not going anywhere unless
    it is more gossip, not reputable
    trash rags.

  12. Hey 'anonymous', it's not up for me to say where this might go next, and no I'm not delusional, perhaps you are. I'm saying, 'let's see where this goes next'. One can never tell. Who would have thought AOL News would have picked it up? Perhaps "Time" will think it worth a mention next. Ya just can't tell now can you?

  13. Margaret9:42 PM


    Radar should have put this tough quote from Lois Gibson up. I never saw this in their articles, did you? Like everything else she said, it blows the fake girlfriend Sham sky-high. The Shammers actually bribed someone to place the photo of Caroline Lyders staged to look like the beach girl in the same private media directory belonging to the Splash site. Lois Gibson is saying that photo is the odd one out of the lot and is condemning of the effort to do all this cover-up.

    "Even though Lyders went to the outrageous lengths to imitate the other female on the beach by putting on a bathing suit and earrings that were quite similar, these items did not change the fact that her mandible is bigger, her neck is much longer and thinner, her ears tilt back further on the vertical plane and is lower than the bottom of her nose, not higher like the real female on the beach with Taylor Hicks. It is conclusively impossible that the photo of Lyders in the bathing suit comes from the same series of photographs of the woman on the beach with Taylor Hicks, as they are two different females". - Lois Gibson CFA No.12235

    That quote is taken from the Milwaukee version of MFOYA, under their comparison photo.

    When I remember how far Taylor and the Shammers went to keep the sham going for months, how they staged photos, and planted false appearance reports, and lied to keep everyone from finding out the truth, it really sickens me. I lost ALL sympathy for them, even Taylor. I never had any sympathy for Caroline Lyders because she was in it for greed and ambition alone but I did have some for Taylor at one time. I think the Sham was truly his betrayal of all those who supported him, and he reaps the consequences now.

  14. I guess I find it difficult to imagine how Ms. Lyders would think her association with Taylor Hicks might increase her profile in her field. She comes from an affluent background from what I understand and has a commendable education. It's not like he's John Mayer or anything. LOL

    Taylor's Cd basically tanked, his concert tours had mixed reviews. Critics don't have much love for him, the average Joe out there who's not an Idol junkie, could care less where he is in music right now.

    In the circles I run with in real life, Taylor's never talked about. My Darling Man who's quite versed in music has said he'd never pay to see the guy and he hasn't. So figuring associating her name with Mr. Hicks as a boon for her career, I don't get. I looked at it as possibly they had met, clicked and this was like some kind of friendship favor. A favor that has come to bite her in the ass.

    It's certainly a situation that is challenging at best, in real world ideals to wrap your mind around.

  15. Margaret8:21 AM

    Well, Sunny, each time she went for a big time tv job interview it was leaked to the media that she was Taylor Hicks' "girlfriend" going for the interview, as if this was supposed to help her job hunting. You and I not being in the newscaster business may not see that this kind of PR could help her get a job but she obviously thought it would. I guess trying to get these jobs on her own merits and work experience was not in her way of thinking.

    She also enjoyed the perks of being associated with an American Idol. She got flown to places where they would be seen together, fancy hotels, free concerts, all that media attention. The rumor was confirmed that she demanded he rent her a private plane to attend one concert! If you have seen the infamous photo of her on the football field standing behind him while he was interviewed on tv, you can tell she loved being in the spotlight with him. She's a camera hog. She wants to be famous. That's her big weakness. She didn't do this sham for HIM but it was mainly for herself! Greed and ambition bought about her fall!!

  16. Margaret, I've read that incident relayed on a few web sites.

    If it true, she was Name-Riding, then like MFOYA said once, Que Sera, Sera.

  17. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Margaret i agree. Lyders is actually a sick human being. Her and Hicks were accomplices and buddies. Sunny maybe you're not familiar with the type, but many of these anchor types will stop at nothing to be in the spotlight, that's caroline lyders. don't be fooled by the education background. These two thought they could fool the world and they got caught. Margaret,not only did he betray the people that supported him, he betrayed himself. Sleeping with high priced call girls and pulling scams...i think taylor has gotten involved with the dark side of fame and keeps trying to cover and it's catching up to him.

  18. Margaret7:44 PM

    I agree with you, Anonymous. I think, though, that Taylor has hurt himself a lot more than he hurt anyone else by being an active participant in his Sham.

    Your words made me think back to a public chat conversation I had a few months ago with an older lady who said she knew the Hicks family. She confirmed the Sham happened and talked a lot about possible family-related motivations for why Taylor did what he did in the sham. She felt sad about what had happened. I remember she said something that kind of pegged her as someone older, not only because she was a slow typer. She said something like "he wasn't brought up to behave this kind of way", and she surmised that maybe being in Hollywood had changed him. Maybe she (whoever she was) and you would agree about Taylor and being involved in the dark side of fame.

  19. Anonymous5:07 PM