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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Radar Magazine Nails the Tale of Two Women

Taylor Hicks' girlfriend sham uncovered? Has the mystery really come to a conclusion? RADAR Magazine pulled in a big gun for the identification process for the Tale of Two Women in the world of Taylor Hicks. For the past eight or nine months a controversy has been brewing steeped by the site began by the on-line entity, MFOYA. Radar Magazine, the magazine for political news and entertainment snark has let intrepid reporter, Neel Shaw continue his expose of this little internet brouhaha aided by the on-line presence that began this investigation.

Interestingly, one of the first articles out about Taylor Hicks on RADAR Magazine was met with over 400 posts, whereas this last and most recent post has under 200 comments currently. This article introduces Lois Gibson, a forensics artist gifted with almost preternatural ability to create likenesses of people from the most meager of descriptions. Lois Gibson is convinced from the photographs presented to her by RADAR Magazine that the ladies in the images are definitely two different women. She cites facial features including jaw line and depth, and cheek construction and notes the ear placements on the lady's skull.

Lois Gibson is an expert on identification qualifications, and definitely shoots my conclusion that the women were the same one. I had looked at the pictures one afternoon and simply found more like facial points than different, decided that all were of Ms. Lyders, just in different positioning and lighting. The height discrepancies indicated in the photographs I allocated to perspective and uneven terrain. I just could not find logic in the storyline and perhaps tried in my brain to find a reasonable facsimile for explanation. It's still a mystery to me why Ms. Lyders would even want to attach her name to anything of this fantastical level but then, I do not know her. As far as Mr. Hicks is concerned, that too has me puzzled as to the man's motive. I'm not casting judgment against anyone involved regarding character, it's not my place. Saying that,Taylor Hicks nor Caroline Lyders have not issued any form of statement regarding this situation or their bonafide position in the story.

Upon reading through the RADAR Magazine site, and the comments in this last article, I saw the poster, celebrityblondebabe had made her appearance. She has included posts of web page long commentary slamming the magazine and attempting to make her case that the photographs provided Ms. Gibson were not authentic. Too, she tries to turn blame to the on-line entity, MFOYA for supplying touched up photos to RADAR Magazine. CBB, as she will be known from this point on, includes copy-paste disclaimers found on the magazine's website. In providing this information she works to make her case that RADAR Magazine puts no credibility in anything regarding information and opinion that MFOYA has brought to their attention. She is answered by a poster going by simply "Michael". In excerpts from his post, he addresses the claims by CBB that RADAR Magazine and MFOYA could be held libel,
Celebrityblondebabe, are you in fifth grade?...IF the allegations are blatant lies which can be proven. Do your homework. This is basic law. The only defense for libel/slander/defamation is the "truth." If they cannot prove that it is true, then it's 99.9% of the time because it is actually a lie and they have no grounds...So if what you say is true and they are being libeled, slander, and photoshopped, then Taylor Hicks is the stupidest man in America and the news anchor is the stupidest woman in American which is why they don't sue when they have grounds and instead prefer to have their reputations smeared from here to perpetuity (since the information highway is permanent)

OR they just don't have a case because none of the 3 cause of actions are being committed and the information being written about them is indeed the truth."

I noticed on the RADAR Magazine staff page, there is listed a Michael Small, the magazine's General Manager. Whether they are one in the same, I have no confirmation.

I'm using CBB as an example simply because she eloquently exhibits the typical fanatical fringe fans in the Hicks' fan base. She is also an enthusiastic member of the Caroline Lyders Fan Club, which is gaining an on-line reputation for the place to be if your are indeed a part of the lunatic fan fringe. I followed a link sent to me this morning from a friend, and found that CBB has gone to work employing her investigative talents. She divulges information that poster, BabyPhat on the RADAR site is none other that Taylor Hicks himself. In a quote off of the CL Fan Club, the lady writes; celebrityblondebabe: February 1, 2008 at 8:14 pm
"Anyone know a character that raps on fansites? A person that I was just told from an old board that they thought was T? I may have insulted the main man…my bad. Apparently, some of Taylor Hicks' fans say that he has the propensity to post in 'rap' on fan sites. That piece of information for whatever it's worth is at least worth repeating. I can't help but wonder how Taylor Hicks might respond to that curiosity. Most likely the same way he's responding to everything else.
"Lunatic Fringe"

Recent rumors hold that the promised DVD, "Whomp at the Warfield" has been canned. Now, is that canned as in completed or canned as in over and out? My, my Taylor Hicks, what will be discovered next? I hope an outstanding album and some intelligent answers to the question on a growing number of folks mind...Why?
"Where Have all The Cowboys Gone?"


  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    DVD = canned as in finished and will be released in conjunction with new CD when it is realeased, not before.

  2. That's usually what is meant by the term, but normally it's said the DVD "is in the can" not "been canned". The latter indicates it's a no go. Hope you know what you're talking about, and not just a fan speculating, but since you're anonymous, no way to confirm.

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    DVD has most likely been canned. It's already been shown on TV and anybody who was interested has probably seen it already. The DVD would have lost money, so it's best to shelf the whole project, IMO. I don't see anybody buying this outside of the SP and to have only a 1,000 to 2,000 people buying this makes so sense.

  4. If he were to market off his myspace site costs would be minimum, likely some of those die hard myspace visitors might buy more than one in their desire to 'help' him out.

    Even if only, say 2000 fans buy it, and it's marketed for about $35 that's $70K. If his own folks did all the recording and were paid only as the DVD was shooting, then outside of the production costs and editor(s) it's a nice piece of change.

    Thing is it was televised and I'm sure fans recorded it as they watched.

  5. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Sunny, I've seen a lot of comments lately about 'helping' him out. Is Taylor a charity case? This will not work and does not help Taylor in the end. People only have so much 'money' to help him, until it runs out. DVDs and CDs are still considered a frivolous purchase by most Americans. Let's face it, only the diehards will buy the DVD.

  6. Anonymous5:59 PM

    the dvd is not cancelled, or canned, if you prefer. go to one of the fansites and you will hear Taylor confirm this.

  7. If you're going to come with this news, at least leave a link to confirm where you've heard it.

  8. Margaret8:47 PM

    hey Sunny,


    That's a link to the audio that Taylor has for today. In it he does confirm the DVD is still on. He says he's concentrating on the next cd for the next month or 2 with some appearances here and there. He will be writing in NYC, LA and Nashville, recording it in Nashville.

    It's nice to hear his voice again, and I'm happy the DVD is still on. BUT it really is starting to bug me that he separates the "fans" from "Soul Patrol". It was "Soul Patrol" representing all fans that got him the AI win. I don't know why Soul Patrol is supposed to now only represent the radical wing crazies like Jeanni, Hicksfan7, Chill and those CL Fanatics. That's my pet peeve!!

    Other than that, it was a good but innocuous message.

  9. Anymore, after all the mindless and brainless radical and sometimes ridiculousness of the folks like Jeanni and CBB, if those folk define Soul Patrol I want no part of that name. I used to use it, especially back in the days he was on the show. It worked for him on the show to mobilize voters and create sense of family. Then, all the crazies took it upon themselves to 'cast stones' and create judgment panels like the CL Fanatics, under the guise of This-Is-What-You-Must-Act-Like-to-Be- -a-Real-Fan, garbage.

    Certainly he needs fans like that, after all, fans are fans and in many celebrity and artist's groups, there are those involved in activities like chill. That said after my experience with them over the past several months, if THAT is what is the Soul Patrol I want no part of that term. They have no idea what "soul" means. I once thought the fan base should regroup, etc. I don't any longer.

    So many like henry8, Ms. ManyNames claim they'll 'from now on' try to unify the fans. Fans like Cee/JAT/henry8/karoray, are the kind of folk who attend church every Sunday and then sleep with their best friend's spouse the next night, yet go around calling themselves a Christian. It's all act, no Soul involved.

  10. It's good Hicks is going forward with the DVD. I heard the news that he wasn't and it did not make sense. He's vested a lot of time in it already and has so much previous word out that he was putting it out, so that's good news.

    Granted the show's been televised but not everyone caught it - I didn't - and he will have a market for it. Too it will stand as a platform to show what his concerts are like to the curious.

  11. Margaret8:14 AM

    I guess you are right, Sunny. It's just that I used to be a proud Soul Patroller and there were so many decent folks (not nutcase fanatics) who also called themselves Soul Patroller at one time so it's sad for me to see that title fall into such disrepute. That Taylor has to separate "fans" from "Soul Patrol" now is troubling.

  12. I use to scream 'Soul Patrol' in many of my posts about Hicks too, Margaret, but it doesn't sound the same anymore.

    No doubt, I have no place to say what Mr. Hicks and his management should do to address the division in the fan base, but it seems like something should have occurred a while back. Word from a 'friend' who is "inside" the Fanatics, chill seems to relay the information that what she's doing is condoned by Mr. Hicks. I have no idea - the real truth behind that information.

    Perhaps should Hicks have upcoming concerts we might see the effects of this division.
    *imagining purse smacking, hair pulling and glitter spiked brawls*

  13. sixxfan12:45 PM

    Sunny, you'd better bet that I would never ever tell these nutcases who I am on any of the boards. I keep my distance from these women when I'm at his shows. I LOVE how Taylor is separating his fans from the Soul Patrol. There are true fans of his out there, like myself, who no longer care to be associated with the term "Soul Patrol." Good for Taylor for finally understanding!

  14. I'm pleased about the differentiating as well. Perhaps at venues we can have the Soul Patrol and the Fans sections so we're not confused with one another. Oh wait, the glitter and puffy paint. That would set us a part...