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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Taking Over from Where MFOYA Left Off

Taylor Hicks' girlfriend blogger (non)Extraordinaire had to make yet another foolish statement yesterday. She can't help herself. What really is this "Chill" person toking? Maybe she has a stash of some killer Lebanese Blonde. The most recent blog post begins with, "Sunny is trying to take over where MFOYA left off. Isn’t that obvious? I’ve told you, I don’t go to her messy, unorganized, using-Taylor-Hicks-name-to-get-attention, inane BLAHg Ô ." Man, hating on my "home" too. That's just mean. ha.

Taylor Hicks' I'm sure would just pat her on the back the way this gal spouts "user" when her blog title also carries the guy's name. Combine that with her - how does she say? "BLAHg" titled, "Caroline Lyders Fan Club", when anything is farther from the truth. Where IS the Caroline Lyders' news? As I've previously written, this webmistress is The Queen of Intrinsic Irony. Perhaps that should be her new website title, certainly nothing fits this bashing blogger more.

Covering this "Chill's" initial statement about my "taking over" where MFOYA "left off" - I would think that would include my taking up further research and investigation into Mr. Hicks' personal life of which I have no plans to do. Importantly, no one could match what MFOYA accomplished and did, that site was and should stand alone as making some kind of new-wave blogging history. I can't help it if I'm drawn to the different, the interesting. I'm doing what I've always done, only previously I was flying under the radar from the Fanatical side of the Taylor Hicks' fan world.

Chill rambles on adding a misquote. She claims I had at one time said, that Taylor’s fans can “Go fuck themselves.” I wasn't leading that to the broad generalization that all fans partake of that particular activity, rather folks such as herself. She goes on to say I spend hours on her site daily which is completely ridiculous - I don't have hours to spend on line. Normally I take a peek at that site of hers to see what manner that day in which I'm being blasted, then I leave. What the hell is on that site to spend hours doing anyway? The writing certainly holds no charms. There is a blogger from this area who hits me daily and most likely follows the story there. (I'd stop with the bragging my time is spent on your site chica, I just hit and run. You might fool your followers but I know the truth. ha.) Too, she can put up in the posts any numbers she wants, doesn't mean they hold truth, it's just typing, man.

Taylor Hicks' news:

Taylor Hicks will be shooting the hoops and running the hardwood tomorrow night on ESPN. Team Line-ups:
Ne-Yo (2008 Grammy for Best Contemp. Album)
Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights)
Taylor Hicks (2006 American Idol Winner)
Seth Gilliam (The Wire)
James Lafferty (One Tree Hill)
Master P (Hip-hop Artist)
Ruth Riley (WNBA All-Star, San Antonio Silver Stars)
AJ Calloway (Extra)
Coach: Gabrielle Union, (Starship Dave)
General Manager: Stephen A. Smith (ESPN)

Chris Tucker (Rush Hour 3)
Common (2008 Grammy for Best Rap Perf. By a Duo or Group)
James Kyson Lee (Heroes)
Josh Peck (Drake and Josh)
Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris)
Deion Sanders (Two-Time Super Bowl Champion)
Swin Cash (WNBA All-Star, Detroit Shock)
Tony Potts (Access Hollywood)
Coach: Alyssa Milano, (Wisegal, Touch clothing)
General Manager: Bill Walton (NBA Legend and ESPN Analyst)
Sounds like a great time to be had for all who are able to attend.

"Basketball Jones" Cool old video, tune courtesy of Cheech & Chong c/o playthatbeat

Hey, here's a cool move for Taylor Hicks to pull. ha ha. Check that loong shot.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.


  1. Sunny,

    Seems as though the Fanatics have mistaken you for me. I just posted this on their site...let's see if they have the balls to send it through...


    FYI, Sunny is NOT fcuk. I am fcuk on Radar and I take umbrage to your blunder. A demitasse would fit your head like a sombrero.

    I'm the biggest Taylor Hicks fan you'd ever want to meet (in fact, I'm sure we HAVE met), but even I believe he's not worthy of idol worship. You guys need to give it up, take CL's name off your blog, and move on. You and your toadies are wearing out your welcome on the airwaves.

    Oh, and by the way...Taylor Hicks is laughing his ass off at you EVERY SINGLE DAY...an inside source in the TH camp keeps me posted regularly.

    So, smart-ass...POST THIS. If you don't, you're an even bigger coward than we all thought.

    Wanna place any bets on this?? I think they're too chicken shit. And I'm SURE they'll never figure out the meaning of the acronym "fcuk"...they're way too pedestrian for that.

  2. Hey, I just got home. Valentines Day and all that. Thanks for the heads up on the name calling shit on Fanatics. Man, chill has lost it completely...

    Be straight fcuk, I appreciate that; good to know how Taylor Hicks feels about that chill and company's ways. Made my night even better. Hell, for all I knew he was believing their stories.

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Every time I read that CL fan site site I walk away scared. It's like the dumb and dumber blog. The average age their is 60 years old and the average IQ is probably 30. That blog leader should not be leading any blog. She can't write, she can't lead, and she makes no sense half of the time. Her logic is completely out there. She has some kind of delusion like she has some say in matters, meanwhile everyone thinks they are whack jobs. And then there's Jeannie and her sister. SCARY SCARY. Liars too. They make things up like it's no ones business. Then there's henry8 who continues to say the most ridiculous stuff. Someone should muzzle that bitch. Now she claims that Radar has taken off all 3 articles meanwhile the big TAO article is right there on the front page, as are the rest when you move down the page. Then she says "they" made asses out of themselves trying to get attention when ALL SHE DOES IS GIVE THEM ATTENTION. Talk about a need to spin things to make herself feel better. If anyone looks like an ass it's fans like her for falling for such a stupid sham, and then Taylor and Lyders for pulling one. MFOYA accomplished what they set out to do, but boy that makes those Fanatics really angry doesn't it? no wonder they can't let go!! Not only did they never figure out who MF was, they couldn't get a word in edgewise and no one cared what they had to say. Especially the media. hehehe. What's that saying? Don't fuck with people smarter than you? Unfortunately the stupid don't understand that concept! The cast of characters there is just so unappealing I can't believe any of them even want to be associated to one another. They must be really desperate to chat or something. Obviously.

  4. Welllllll...

    Just as I suspected, they were too cowardly to post my comment. Chill lets all of her flunkies get their information from you, Sunny. Her little lemmings, lining up to jump off the cliff. And, oh my, won't Taylor be sorry to see them go...

  5. Most likely she's afraid of who you might be, fcuk, I'm thinking. hahaha

    She writes how I stalk her, when her definition of stalking consists of my hitting her site to see what form of stupid I'll find that day. She also says she never comes to this blogspot but she certainly knows a great deal about me and what I've written about. Even jabbed at Sanjaya (man, he was a kick to blog about) which proves she comes here and she's read me extensively. Not only does she keep stepping in stupid, she's a big ol' liar. Most likely she's one of the many hits I get from Reston, VA which is a proxy several of them use when they come here.

    Thanks again for the email/message and heads up fcuk. I wouldn't have gone look over there last night.