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Monday, February 18, 2008

Top Twenty-Four on Idol Sing-a-long Starts This Week

Revving up for the start of a new American Idol season, this week we get to actually hear some of the folks who made it through to top 24 who the show's producers did not think deserve pre-season pimp time.

We have a couple of look-like-someone-else folks in the running. One young man, Garrett Haley, 17 years young, is a cross between Leif Garret ('70's teen heart-throb) and a young Peter Frampton. Man, kid has the hair down pat. Unfortunately his myspace page has been 19E'd and nothing on youtube found yet.

One other male contestant bears a marked resemblance to Orlando Bloom - enjoying a glass or two of merlot increases the resemblance. His name is Luke Menard, he's 27 years old and has been a member of an acapella men's group called Chapter 6. Certainly, he's easy on the eyes. Beard stubble just a little to 'groomed' for my taste, man's aiming for the bedroom look of "I just woke up Baby", but I'm seeing a little bit of trying too hard. Man, just be a natural guy.

Here's a little ditty from Chapter 6 - "Krispy Kremes"

Chapter 6 has toured in schools and performed at 'family friendly' functions, interspersing humor with song - if you're into that kind of thing.

So far I'm kind of liking Amanda Overmeyer from Indiana, she looks like Rogue from X-Men and sings a bit like Dilana from Rockstar Supernova - along the likes of Janis Joplin. . Thing is, if she stays "in character", theme weeks will kill her. I like the story behind Overmeyer - especially how she rocks that Hog. Love the fact she sits her own ride.

Have to wait and see how versatile she is - that's the telling point in this reality show. Too, how many of the ladies will actually appreciate an independent spirit such as hers - that plays a role as well. Should be able to tell too what the first round pick will be for VFTW. Can't help myself, I have to watch this cheesy show.

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