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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties, Texas Style

(You go Papi!)

Rick Perry Having "Tea" in Austin

So Secession on the horizon? You know Texas has always been 'a whole 'nuther country'. "Texans know how to run Texas"... excellent sound bite from our Governor. Obambi keep your money we don't want any.

Locally, in and around Dallas we were having our own parties.

"We will be called haters, and we are. We are haters of big-spending politicians. We will be called racists, and we are – we are members of the human race," Dennis, a McKinney resident, said as silence turned to roars."

This was not a movement reserved for just Republicans or conservatives, we Libertarians were standing up as well, rallying against big government expansion, federal taxation and, ultimately the insidious form of Socialism being sold to the mass American public by our government. I'm certainly not wanting to be a part of the masses being steamrolled on debt, by our Democratic President Barack Obama. Folks wanted change, hell we certainly have been getting change, although not much in the way of change in our pockets.

Washington. i.e. the elected representatives that we currently have in our government halls need cut spending, taxes and reread the damn Constitution. The Texas slogan, 'Don't Mess With Texas' was seen on posters and signs lining the roadways as thousands turned out yesterday all over the metroplex to stand behind Governor Perry's decision to tell the U.S. government, thanks, but hell no, to the economic/socialist package program. It was a stimulating and exciting imagery seeing so many turning out with one thing in common. Very cool when people driving past honked and waved and shot Peace signs in agreement with the message. Very cool not a bleeding heart beggar for debt anywhere insight.

Word, just say NO to Big Brother. It was an interesting, incredible day.


  1. jerseyirish4:28 PM

    Sunny, Just read the newspaper, a town not far from me had one of those tea parties yesterday. They said over 1,000 people showed up for it. Some of the signs read:
    Clean house in 2010
    Change- Thats all thats left in my pocket
    Stop the Pork
    Stimulate business not government.

    I guess these were held all over the country from what the paper said. I hadn't read anything until today. They said in Bosron hundreds gathered at the Boston Common a short distance from the original Tea Party dressed in Revolutionary garb. Hope some folks in power noticed!!!


  2. Saw some of those sayings yesterday too. Love the "Change - that's all that's left.." one. hahaha.

    Very cool about that Boston stop.

    Yeah, it was an entire nation movement. Thing in Tejas some were doing the secession movement thing.

    Personally think that's ridiculous, no point in dividing up the country. United we stand and all that.

    Man, thanks for stopping by to comment JI.

  3. I love demonstrations. haha! I just love seeing freedom of speech in action. I participated in a couple but I didnt do the tea party thing. I'm too lazy these days.

    Hey, sunny, visits to my blog have really dropped off. I'm getting the feeling people are losing interest in Taylor in a major way. (Couldn't be my blog!! haha) I'm feeling like it's really quiet everywhere.

  4. Oh, btw, I don't comment when you write about AI. Truth is, I don't read it. I'm just not into it. I like your blog, but I don't like

  5. Caryl I have had the most hits in a long time over that post I sent out about the rainbow. You know why, right? The controversy.

    Other than that the Taylor posts (recent ones) are down somewhat. Notice the Google alerts are not so much right now either.

    Here's the reality Caryl, no matter what his potential is, no matter who is/had been screwing with him/grinding him down, regarding his music, he's down. "Grease" is not saving him.

    If this album would have been completely kick ass great no one could hold him back, thing is it's not. This was the next proving ground for him and he's shown no evidence of merit for a commercial enterprise.

    See, no matter what Idol peeps or producers say if that album was full of absolute gorgeous music he'd not have to worry about them.

    I loathe writing that and coming to that acknowledgment this week, but I still am a fan.

    Regarding Idol - it's just a reality show with music as it's entertainment quotient anyway.

  6. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Caryl didn't you change to only Taylor on Tues? Maybe that's why the lower hits? LOL. I think it has been more quite everywhere Tax time you know.


  7. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Sunny.. I really like the CD. BUT, my continual question is what is he trying to do? I don't get the whole recording vs live thing. I get that a live concert can sound different than a recording BUT should it really be night and day different. I don't know if I'm explaining myself clearly. For example I heard "Hide nor Hair" for the first time when he sang it at the Ohio concert. I absolutely loved it. Just yesterday I finally heard the CD version and was kind of taken aback. My gut reaction was that it sounded really retro. In concert it sounded so current and fresh. I still liked the CD version but it was MUCH better in concert. I think I'm rambling so I'm going to stop now. LOL.


  8. jerseyirish6:31 AM

    I've noticed the alerts have gone down also. The CD has gotten good reviews for the most part, but just doesn't seem to be taking off. I don't understand it, myself I really like the CD, I just love listening to his voice, that growl gets me everytime, it is just pure and natural. It seems once the CD came out the promotion stopped, not sure how it all works there was more activity pre release. Taylor is promoting the CD with the appearances he makes, but it just doesn't seem to be enough. I am sure he is selling CD's at Grease and the shadow dates, but probably not enough to make an impact. I hope things pick up for him when he leaves Calif, he doesn't seem to be well recieved there.


  9. Anonymous9:55 AM

    There is an interesting Elliot Yamin interview over at the Boogie. He talking about the state radio is in right now.


  10. jerseyirish10:51 AM

    Dee, Saw that thought it was pretty good, he mentions all from his season are working in the entertainment field and thats what counts!!!