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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taylor Hicks On American Idol Wednesday April 29

Taylor Hicks will perform his song, "Seven Mile Breakdown" on that reality show he conquered in 2006, on April the 29th.

"Seven Mile Breakdown" Taylor Hicks

vid c/o Robinagain
*warning first 12 secs look like someone's nostrils*


  1. jerseyirish6:27 AM

    Sunny, So excited he will be on next week, he is gonna rock the stage thats for sure. Just wish they would have announced it last night, they had time at the end of the show. Guess you can't have everything.


  2. JI that Gossip Girls remark about Hicks on Idol was perfect. Writer said how surprised they were the show was having him on then they wrote, "Oh look a pig just flew through the sky". hahaha

  3. This will be great for him. I hope he can bring his own band.

  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

    LMAO. Sunny that pig picture about killed me!!!!!! Glad I wasn't drinking anything when it came up. My keyboard would have been covered. LOL.


  5. Glad you liked it Dee! Inspired by that gossip site's comments. Almost feel like putting it in the top corner for a week. ha.