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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Portland's the Word: Taylor Hicks Just Out

Opened the browser this morning and first up on the 'to do' reading list, Just Out a Portland area on-line site. Reviewer wrote a piece on "Grease" which has just opened in Portland. Seems they liked parts of it. Like Taylor Hicks.

"And what about Taylor Hicks, you ask? Hicks fans need to manage their expectations. He is not the star of the show. His one musical number appears in the second act; but here’s the good news, he’s well worth the wait. The trimmed down, quite handsome winner of season five of American Idol does a campy and ever-so-slightly gay number that brings a needed boost to the production. And, if you’re a Hicks fan, don’t be the first one out the door, there is a bonus musical number at the end of the staged performance.

And if you’re seriously a fan, Hicks will be in the lobby signing copies of his CD at the end of the evening."

Just Out happens to be an alternative lifestyle site, the kicker for me lay in their descriptor of Hicks' performance. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Taylor Hicks does like that sparkly outfit he's got goin' on.

vid c/o soulindiane


  1. OMG, I just posted the same paragraph at my blog. Too funny. The reviewer DID say that Taylor was the bright spot of the show, but the gay reference made me laugh.

    A new header! I like it!

  2. jerseyirish9:57 AM

    Sunny, Saw that in a google alert, overall it was good, they did say he is worth the wait to see in the show, so its all good.

    Caryl, Will stop by!!!


  3. Caryl I'm all about change lately. Spring fever, Darling Man best look out. lol

    Great minds, Caryl, that's all I can say regarding that paragraph.

    JI yeah, they liked him so that's very positive. I enjoyed the subtle but not mean spirit of that write up.

  4. Anonymous11:45 AM

    AHAHAHAHA!! I love that review!

  5. Well, I took it down since everyone's got it posted. I'd rather people read yesterday's post if they pop in.

  6. Anonymous4:05 PM

    WELL, Taylor would be the first one to agree he's campy in this part. LOL. HE COULD DO WORSE THAN GETTING A LOT OF GAY FANS. LOL.

    SORRY FOR THE CAPS MY DARN key board is stuck .... well it just broke loose. LOL.


  7. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Thanks for posting the vid, too. I hadn't seen the cone yet!

  8. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Nice new header. I think that reviewer was rather restrained. Taylor's Teen Angel is very gay. :) Very entertaining too.

  9. Ha Dee you looked on a mission. AAAAA ha. I had one pop off my laptop. The "r" key. Darling man fixed it today. I am so not able to fix anything.

    Hi Anonymous. Thanks so how's it hanging?