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Monday, April 13, 2009

Insightful, Meaningful Exclusive Interview!

Well, not really. But hey, play along with me.

Last week I had an eventful and meaningful experience that lead to this first ever IDOL BLUES exclusive! Hold on to your eyeballs but fate stepped to the plate, or should I say dairy section last week. Perusing over the sour cream, heading toward the milk cooler I almost walked into one of the members of a favorite band I've seen multiple times in concert.

It all began after I stooped down to get my favorite sour cream. I looked up from under my hair, had to flip it back, the mess was not having its best day. I really should cut it, it's gotten so long it hangs in my eyes in the front like a My Little Pony; when I dress gets wound up in my shirts. Damp weather and it frizzes like I've been electrocuted. As I pushed it back, standing a mere 6 feet from me was a guy with hair almost as long as mine. He turned around and I almost dropped the container in my hand.

Eddie Money's song, "Take Me Home Tonight" was playing on the grocer's sound system and I locked eyes with him. I saw he had a bottle of milk in his hand, so I, attempting to have my voice sound as normal as possible, managed, "Hi". (Incredibly articulate, I know.) He smiled and I returned it, I think.

I noticed he was purchasing strawberry flavored milk; haven't drank that since I was a kid and could not have chocolate milk due to allergies. Suddenly that pink and berry flavored milk looked so damn good, I had to get a bottle too. I commented, "So you like strawberry milk too!" (Yes, I can really think on my feet.) He smiled again and said, "Yes, its a favorite of mine - better than chocolate."

That second smile did me in. I just stood there for a moment, the Eddie Money song had ended and things were moving in slow motion. After a second he said, "Well, hey, have a good one." I recovered from the smile to say, "Yeah, you too." (Told you I'm a smart one. Glib.) I did have the semblance of mind to add, "So you guys playing in the area soon?" He grinned and said, "We're doing a show nearby the 25th; just up to talk to a few people." I reached out and shook his hand and we smiled at each other, parted ways with our strawberry milks. I haven't enjoyed a strawberry milk like this in a long, long time. (Milk in picture not the same as the one purchased.)

So there you have it, strawberry over chocolate, and I know the world was waiting to find that little fact out.

Naturally I had to call Darling Man immediately and tell him to clear the slate for the weekend of April 25th. I'm only interested in going April 25, but the line-up can be found HERE
Tickets are incredibly reasonable, and can be purchased HERE
"My Way" acoustic

"Cisco Kid" with Willie Nelson


  1. jerseyirish11:23 AM

    Sunny, Always liked their sound. Thats neat, you never know who you will run into at the grocery store.

    Last year on vacation I put up at Chill's we saw that Cat Lady while out to dinner. There is a Hippie Shop we go to every year, the guy has amazing stuff, clothes, jewelery etc. We stopped in the day after we arrived to say hi, and he said you should have been here 10 minutes ago, Anne Hathaway and her family were in, he had a few autographed pics he took while she was there. About mid week we stopped in again, my daughter got all flushed and came over to me and said "Mom that guy over there is the bassist for the band "Misfits" one of her an her brothers favorite bands. He was on vacation with his wife and infant son. I walked over to see the baby and started talking, meanwhile daughter is cringing. Got her to come over and he signed a magazine she had, and he talked with her for quite awhile. Its really nice when they take the time to spend with fans, she still talks about it.


  2. An Idol Blues Exclusive! Strawberry milk? Who'da thunk it? Wow, what a cool experience.

    I have no celebrity sightings to share. Once while we were bored in an airport, my husband and I PRETENDED to see celebrities. We saw a man dressed all in black: "OMG! It's Johnny Cash!" You get the idea. Does that count?

  3. Yes, Caryl it was a moment. ha. I had no idea they were due to perform nearby, hadn't been on their webpages in forever. That was a happy happenstance. Getting Sis to take the Darling Daughter for the night.

    JI you sound like a forthright person. I'm always hesitant to approach folks in the celeb light. I get all neurotic, like perhaps I'm intruding, what do I say that perhaps won't piss them off or look more stupid than normal, if I'll be run off for taking up their personal time, intruding. Maybe they'll think I'm a whack stalker... I have a list that hits my brain everytime. By the time I run through that list, they're usually gone.

    When I bartended, it was in a high profile establishment. Made it was easier to meet and talk with some of the local celeb folks. Had a reason to chat. Met a lot of local celebs that way, local newscasters, sports guys, (Mike Modano is Gorgeous and tall in person.)

  4. jerseyirish2:57 PM

    Sunny, Usually no I wouldn't approach anyone like that, but I didn't know the band myself and the baby was just adorable I had to go over.

    I've been going to this place since the 70's in the last 5-10 it has become is resort for alot of stars. My sister-in-law about 5 years ago was down before us and she litterally ran into Madonna, Guy and the kids, she said she was very friendly the kids were adorable and well behaved, she was surprised there were no body guards around, it was just them alone. Taylor Swift was born in the town and we see her alot when we are down. Have seen others but don't approach them it is just cool to see these folks in a different light.


  5. Seeing folks like that through the other side of the bar an experience too. I'll tell you Tony Dorsett acts like a conceited ass and was a horrible tipper. Eugene Lockhart was my "Daddy" for a long time, a regular teddy bear of a guy. Big tips and he's a lovey-dovey hugger. hahaha.

  6. Oh Sunny, I'll *squeeeee!* for ya', buddy!!!
    *curls toes*

    I had several brushes with fame working on The Left Coast in another life, long ago. The one that always stands out in my mind this time of year, is helping Pierce Brosnan find chocolate easter eggs to fill up his kids' Easter baskets.

    I was coherent for the duration, but after Mr. Brosnan left, fell completely to pieces in all kinds of wonderful ways.