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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hicks: Teen Angel Isn't Shakespeare

According to the article from the OC Register, the "Grease" gig Taylor Hicks has been working now for several months wasn't just a desperate move to continue to work in the entertainment industry.

In that article Paul Hodgens, after speaking with Taylor Hicks, wrote Hicks views the "Grease" Teen Angel role "as a character with training wheels". He continues by pointing out Mr. Hicks had apparently "wanted to ease from "American Idol" fame into musical theater" all along - without tackling "Shakespearean-sized challenges".

If that's what Mr. Hicks sought, it's what he got. No one, stretching their imagination even under the influence of recreational substances, could confuse Teen Angel with MacBeth. Regarding anything along the lines of Romeo, well with the Dating With the Stars episode on Regis and Kelly a short time ago, fans could see he's not ready for that part either. Rico Suave, not exactly.

Taylor Hicks related, "I'd been offered some roles previously, but I wanted to make sure the part was right for me". Hicks and the "Grease" entourage arrive in the OC next week, show opens Tuesday, Performing Arts Center, set for a two-week run. Hicks will perform every show except April 29, when he's slated to appear on "American Idol." Of course that may depend whether Obama doesn't carry on too long and kick the show off that night.

Hicks told Hodgens he plans on doing more musical theater, hoping for obtaining parts with increasing popularity and bigger audiences. "Broadway was one of the most amazing things I've ever done as a performer. But I think at some point I want to break into TV and film. I want to learn as much as I can first, though – start kind of small." So what might we find later on the Hicksian horizon? "Raiders of the Lost Harp"? "Soul Glow" tale of the vampiric harmonica player? "Lord of the Harp: Fellowship of the Soul Patrol"? "Fight Club: Tale of the Rabid Fans?" "Batman of Soul Forever" (with Bill Will added in the role of Robin)

Anyone who has followed Hicks for any length of time has heard and read Hicks say, "A career is a marathon, not a sprint. Every morning I get up and remember that the opportunities I've been given are a blessing."

Apparently Hicks is going to continue that marathon but it seems that his ideals and goals are more in-tune with being bitten by the acting bug than sludging through bars and clubs getting his music heard. Of course, I could be reading that all wrong. Right Henry?
Marathon - Rush


  1. As I said in an old blog post o' mine, he'll probably convince his future director that Hamlet has a southern accent and plays the harmonica.

    *sigh* I'm tired.

  2. Anonymous1:38 AM

    I think Taylor views acting whether it be TV or Film as yet another way to get his name out there. Fame=independence. The bigger his name the more likely he can hit the road and tour to sell out crowds. I wouldn't mind at all if he has a career like one of my favorite musician/actors Harry Connick Jr.