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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AI 8 - The Top 7 Will Happen Again Next Week

Writing about this show right now is nigh embarrassing. Even for we who write for free. There was one good sound bite from Simon last night, "The first piece of bad news, two people go home next week. Second piece of bad news, next week is Disco Week."

Pauler was especially loaded and I do love me some drunk Pauler.

The fact that next week is all about Disco provides me with hope we viewers might be in for one hella entertaining show. Hoping for white suits and John Travolta moves. Think Lil will sing something from Donna Summers? I say not unlikely.

Last night's special guests were Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus. I just can't fault Jennifer, she's one of my favorites to come out of this show. She so pretty, big ol' boomy voice and hell, she won an Oscar. Miley on the other hand is becoming more and more like some kind of Britney Spears in the making. My Darling Daughter was once a major Hannah Montana fan, but as she told me last night while looking at me like I had three eyes, "Mom, that was so last year!"; kids, fans, fickle group.

I wasn't surprised when the judges elected to 'save' Matt G. If you watched closely or even if you didn't, he was featured center front in the group number and had a huge amount of face time. Having two to eliminate next week will also make anything VFTW might be trying to do even harder.

I predicted to D.D. right from the start, Matt was on the chopping block but that he'd be saved. When the show wrapped she looked at me like I was David Blaine. (It's all in reading the signs.) I utilized that moment to tell her how trying to fool me about anything, ever, will be pure folly on her part. Idol, what a great kid intimidating tool.

So bring on the disco anything should be better than the complete snooze fest (outside of Adam) that we had this week.
"Dance to the Music" Sly and the Family Stone

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  1. jerseyirish10:11 AM

    Sunny, I knew as soon as Simon said they would consider saving one it was Matt, Lil as far as they are concerned is done.

    Next week should be something else, just thinking what Adam will do to upstage the rest, has me wanting Tues here now!!!

    They all think they can outsmart Mom and Dad they don't realize we've been there done it have alot more wisdom then them. It freaks mine out when I just know and tell them I do, then the whispering starts, how did she know that?


  2. Now see that's where I was criminally clever, my folks were snowed right and left. I have stories... ha. That's why my kids can't fool me - I been there and done that.

    It was obvious the show was going to save Matt and that he was in the 'danger zone' - JI they were doing everything in their power to put him up center and in a positive light.

    Off topic, heard from Bright? She ought be back from her vaca by now.