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Monday, March 02, 2009

Adam G'Lambert O Come Let Us Adore Him

Adam Lambert may be the man sent from - well, California - to save American Idol (or rather some of us saps that watch this show year to year) from the reality church show that it may be becoming.

The show, this season is seemingly on a transition into what may be later known as the Season of the Church. Idol has a big share of contestants who attend church on a regular basis and are youth leaders within those organizations. Danny Hokey-Gokey, one of the first to break news of his ties and affiliations. I'm not saying that because the contestants are coming out and declaring their Jesus Love a bad thing, rather how it's becoming an increasing focus on-line and in their bios. Not to sound like a spawn of Satan but I find this disturbing.

Certainly this will please many viewers in our Bible Belt States; certainly it's a matter of time before tales of their throwing their money away contributing devoted donations to the church of their fave Idol. Naturally, this simply - in their minds - the right thing to do, it demonstrates further their complete devotion toward the reality show contestant of their selection. I'm amazed at how many people must be experiencing some sort of insanity that couples religious deity affiliations into their psyche. The amount of prayers found in the on-line boards for these contestants is slightly startling. The TopIdol site has been covering some of this underbelly of Idol, if you will. I have been finding the information they have been uncovering fascinating in a strange, sad, yet hilarious way.

I'm thinking, next season, at this rate, Idol will start the show with a bow your head in prayer session. Hell, pop out the flag and say a pledge. Make those television viewers feel so good about all those text messages they're spending their money on in this depressed economic time.

Reminds me of all those charitable organizations that pop up each season around various Idols, blatant intention of gaining the attention of said reality show contestant. Back in 2006 when Taylor Hicks was competing, kicking ass and taking names, certain fans (on the Idol boards) began collecting funds to buy him a new couch. These dear souls could not think of the man returning to his B'Ham apartment to that duct taped tattered mess he had been previously passing out on. Thing is that couch situation remains wrapped in mystery as to what really happened to those collected funds. I wonder if any of these contestants have need of a new couch? Dear Contestant, if you do, head to the Idol Boards and send out your request. Someone A grifter will be happy to oblige.

After last week's second group of twelve contestants did their thing, all had to swarm this one ragingly and outrageously talented guy. Gee, once again Idol has another guy who's been performing for years trying to have his voice heard. Thing is - is America ready for him to be heard? Let's all bow our heads.

Randy Newman, "God's Song"


  1. JOJOSIE10:48 PM

    I love Adam. I quess I have a thing for good-looking guys who can sing and entertain. He lights up the stage like someone else we all know and love. He's anothe one who has star quality IMO, JOJOSIE

  2. He's got such fire; the only one of this group so far, outside of little Alexis Grace, with that undefinable spark.

  3. Very interesting post, Spin. I wonder how organizations like Kid One Transport and Studio By The Tracks are faring now that the spotlight has wandered off in a different direction.

  4. Thing about Kid One and Studio by the Tracks they were charitable organizations before Mr. Hicks came on the Big Scene, YKW. He lent his name during the Idol frenzy days to help them out and too, to make his image better. That may sound callous as Hicks certainly seems to have a soft spot for kids, but man, he wasn't actually involved with those groups before the show now was he?

    From the website: "Kid One Transport System, Inc. was founded in 1997 by a young firefighter from Hoover, AL: Russell Jackson." Mr. Hicks nor any of his fans did not start this charity.

    Second one: "Studio by the Tracks, a non-profit organization, was formed in 1989 to provide free art classes to special needs adults and emotionally conflicted children."

    I'm sure Mr. Hicks lending his image and name when he did gave these organizations a boost, but likely they are doing just fine. They've both been around a long while.

    I just dislike the charities that popped up 'in honor of' or 'to honor' said Idol contestant. Those you never want to give money to - hell anyone can start a charity org. it's not hard. Thing is the funding and the folks behind the scenes are what you need be concerned about. Like P.T. Barnum said, "there's a sucker born every minute.