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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'Q': a Personal Post

I don't often post personal topics in this blog, but I'll make an exception today. Late last week I received news that someone I had been involved with had passed away. An old but mutual friend who had remained in touch with him since high school contacted me; seems 'Q' had a list of people he wanted notified. I had not been in touch with 'Q' for many years. Our mutual friend, 'Fox' informed me that 'Q' had never married, but fathered a daughter. He had been a paramedic and a fireman but played small clubs and small gigs for fun in his off time.

Our relationship was tumultuous at best, never easy for a number of reasons, likely we were just too similar in disposition. Even though we parted ways, he had always remained in my mind as one of my favorite men from the past. He was tall, handsome, charismatic, held a striking resemblance to that actor, Liam Neeson. He was the kind of guy who could walk into a room and own it. Now that I have a moment to myself this morning, I'm posting a few of the songs that always have me think of him.

'Q' loved a lot of the '70's era rockers. These first two tunes he played for me on our first 'real' date:
"From the Beginning" Emerson Lake and Palmer

"Still You Turn Me On"

This was also one of his favorites:
"Seagull" Bad Company done by Winton Fenderson
Bad Company - Seagull

Winton Fenderson is the vocalist on these tunes, you can access his myspace through this link.


  1. So sorry to read about this, Sunny. I think death was one of God's worst ideas.

    I understand how you must be feeling. Or I think I do. It's not that you wanted to be with him, but knowing that he was out there somewhere was kind of a comfort, a link to the past.

  2. I've been quite sad since last Thursday when Fox notified me. I was pleased for some reason that Q wanted me to know but sad that we had not had time to talk before he went. Death is an inevitable part of our existence Caryl. unavoidable and inescapable.

    Thanks for your sentiments. I feel for his sister, brother and mom as they were close. Hard to imagine anything getting Q down he was such a force of nature in himself.

  3. jerseyirish1:57 PM

    Sunny, Sorry for your loss, when someone touches your life even when part of it is not in the most positive way you still feel the loss when they pass. I'm sure some of your memories are good and have a special place for you. Hang in there.