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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jason Castro Cancels Idol Appearance

Apparently Jason Castro is not having his new tune released this week on iTunes nor is he guest appearing on American Idol. Statement issued from his mother (or his official site) yesterday evening; "Things are moving a mile a minute in lots of different directions. Turns out Jason won’t be on Idol this week and the song won’t be on iTunes tomorrow. We know this is not what you want to hear, BUT there’s really great news coming soon.

We know how excited everyone was for the big week, but it simply wasn’t possible to have him on Idol due to time constraints. AI and Jason are looking forward to a future appearance if scheduling permits. Consider all of our preparation an amazing dress rehearsal for the real deal when it happens. Jason being Jason, we can probably expect to hear from him in the next few days. Thanks again for your patience and support…. Stay Tuned..."

Okay what I read into this with her 'probably expect to hear from him' is something went wrong with this whole deal very last minute and they are scrambling for a cover story.

This is nothing but bad, this decision on the Castro camp's part, considering the guy has no record deal and has no professional management from what I understand. This not mentioning that he had this amazing opportunity to perform his original tune on a stage that garners millions of viewers and he forfeits this moment. Top that he forfeits this huge benefit and stops the release of his new single. How delaying an Idol appearance after much hoopla and promotion, delaying the release of your new single the eve before it was to hit the market can be a good thing or of benefit evades my thought processes.

Castro's new single was to hit the iTunes market today and his appearance tomorrow night on Idol could have done some major benefit to his struggling attempt at a music career. From what I have read on the Jason boards fans are doing their best (or face the wrath of the mods) to put the best face forward but there are many very disappointed in this turn of events.

Sadly for Jason Castro, decisions such as these can make or break you. He won his troop of Dreadhead fans from his national exposure delivered by Idol, now with season eight underway this show has a new batch of contestants. New shiny objects to catch the light and the short attention span of the American viewers. Even one of the first Jason Castro fansites created has a whole section devoted to the new season of American Idol.

I did read on his official site he has an entire album coming out, possibly this month. That was posted back on February 20th.

"The Decision" by Young Knives, a delightful British band - if you're unfamiliar check out their WIKI.

I feel the need for Tweed.


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I think you are posting some misinformation. For one, that message was NOT from his mother, but rather his official website. I wish you would please clarify that at least. No where are those words attributed to anybody in his family.

    Secondly, it does not say that Jason cancelled his AI appearance. More likely AI cancelled his appearance at the last minute and hence he was only releasing the single on iTunes to go along with the performance as it wasn't an official single release. Why would you release a single with promotion behind it?

    Also he performed on Idol Wrap last Friday (check YouTube) and he said there he was closing negotiations for a record deal.

    Lastly, he does have professional management. That has been clarified numerous times.

  2. I am posting simply what I read on several websites, speedial2. Your insinuation I'm purposefully writing misinformation rather a strident accusation.

    I was told his Mother said that statement and was sending that message out to all the Jason Castro sites. If you know who else it was feel free to inform me.

    I must say telling me a website suddenly grew the ability to speak for itself, "...NOT from his mother, but rather his official website" is intriguing. I wonder if my blog does that when I'm not here, just starts writing material all by itself. *looking around suspiciously*

    Since you are not truly aware IF Idol canceled Jason or Jason canceled Jason I'd not put your foot forward in supposing or speculating. From that statement it appears Jason canceled. IF Idol canceled him that's even worse, or don't you understand that implication?

    You make absolutely no sense to me, in your statement, "...hence he was only releasing the single on iTunes to go along with the performance as it wasn't an official single release. Why would you release a single with promotion behind it."

    Of course he was promoting this as his single. It's been referred to as his single - that's why he performed it on the TV Guide channel show, "Idol Wrap" which I posted in another blog on this site. Don't be silly.

    I had read about a week ago his management had dropped him. That would leave him sans management. Of course that could have been not the case, but it was in print...

    Regarding closing negotiations for a record deal, that's been talked about since he left the show - I hope for his sake it happens. Fact remains right now, today, he has NO record deal.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. So I guess Taylor's not the only musician to have things change abruptly at the last minute. Too bad for Jason-that sucks!

  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    WELL, (whoever it was) said that there was great news coming soon, so maybe it is a record deal.

    PS. Personally I think it would be cute if it was his MOTHER making the announcements. But, maybe that's just me. LOL.


  5. Hi Dee! Yep, his Momma is all over the guy's career. She's as busy a stage mom as there ever was, not saying that's a bad thing, necessarily...and it is cute. LOL.

    She writes on most of the fan sites with forums and has her own thread at Castrocopia. There's also his "official site" and I think one or two others. It is not uncommon for her to make statements and provide information.

  6. jerseyirish1:06 PM

    Sunny, Sorry to hear Jason won't be on and his single is not being released yet. As we know from our favorite guy things can change minute to minute, there is always a reason behind it, just have to hang in there and wait to see what happens.

    I think it is nice that his Mom/family is involved with all of this. Its nice to have family backing you up.


  7. You're nice, JI. It is a good thing to have that familial support system.

  8. Anonymous2:24 PM

    It is not "cute". It is SO unprofessional. I have been a fan of Jason's for quite a while but his family is not helping. I truly would like to see him get signed by a label - get help with song writing, and more vocal training. I love his tone (could use help with breath control ecetera).

  9. Anonymous2:27 PM

    His mother did post the announcement (actually 2 now in his forum). Go to his JCM cafe forum. She also posted a follow-up.

  10. Anon at 2:24PM as you can see Momma is not letting go of the kids, she's driven to see that they are in show business. Possibly something she's always dreamed for her children.

    I agree he needs vocal training, would not hurt one bit. Possibly the song writing thing a collaboration between he and Pops, you know his Pop's a small-scale singer. It will be hard for the Castro's to let go of much in his or Mike's careers. They would like to think of themselves as savvy enough to do it alone perhaps.

    Anon at 2:27PM, thanks for backing me up, I thought I'd read that announcement correctly in the JCM forum as it coming from her. Haven't been back to read the follow-up. Yet.

    Likely the first respondent to this post was simply trying to defend her Idol.

  11. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Basically one of the head fantards admitted it was Stage Mom’s fault on one of his sites. Stage Mom notified all the street team captains to get word out about his appearance on AI waaaay in advance. They did mass e-mails, etc. Then hours later Stage Mom notified them to STOP, saying the promotion hadn’t been cleared through AI and that according to AI his appearance wasn’t supposed to be “announced” publicly until Monday. Basically, Stage Mom breached the terms by starting an organized promotion days in advance of it being cleared by AI. Suddenly, Stoner J’s appearance is “cancelled” with no real reason being given by Camp Castro other than “time constraints”. And the Single release is scraped from ITunes, too. There has been no word from Stoner J about any of this because it was a collosial FAIL on his family’s part that caused it. He was dropped by his management team sothere are no professionals handling him. Just Stage Mom. He earned a reputation when he was on the show as being difficult (as Simon put it “too cool for school”, stubborn (as Andrew Lloyd Webber put it “He does his own thing and refuses to listen to anyone” and lazy (Ace Young said producers told him all Stoner J wanted was to go on the tour and that was all he cared about. Not his performances or winning just touring) and it seems those traits are costing him any chance of a career now. Noone wants to work with him and anyone who does quickly checks out.