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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The View to the Grey: Charcoal or Gas?

I love cooking on the grill. My man does too but I'm just better at it. I get into soaking Mesquite for the flavor it imparts to meats and vegetables on the grill, I'm selective about my charcoal I use. I have a system of arranging the coals to provide a central heat system so that I can slower cook meats around the main heat source rather than cook right on top of the hottest part of the charcoal; I cook slow and smokey. Oh, I never use gas.

A friend of mine who is into buying the most expensive, the name brands of anything, went out and bought himself one of the best and largest gas grills on the market. It's a monument to waste in my opinion, gas just doesn't impart the same taste as charcoal grilling. Sure it's easy, yes, it's fast, but you miss out on the quality. We had an actual cook off once, me and my trusty Weber Kettle and he and his humongous gassy grill. Outcome of our cookoff? Gas always loses out to the quality of the flavor of good charcoal.

Speaking of charcoal and gas, apparently there's a new Taylor Hicks related site out there in the internet. It was getting just a little too peaceful out there in the magical Kingdom of the Taylor Hicks' fanbase. The Lions can only lay with the Lambs for so long and well, they get hungry. Lions are lions after all and lambs, well, they're herbivores.

"The Distance", Taylor Hicks' newly pressed and released to a store near you, or if you prefer via your fingertips on iTunes, CD just hit the stands and now the shit hits the fans on-line. The new site, It's all Greyish is a response site created as a parody of and an answer to It's All Grey.

Greyish has opened aiming for humor with featuring posts off of IAG and the regulars on the site in a snarky and mildly insulting manner. Blogroll, monster icons and play on names with snide inserts as comments intended to poke fun yet say what this blogger really thinks about those on IAG. Greyish is a parasite to the It's All Grey's site, and like propane, can not impart the flavoring of natural charcoal or Mesquite wood.

Bottom line, Greyish is to Grey as Charcoal is to propane, it's faster, easier, and full of gas.
"Banapple Gas" Cat Stevens

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  1. Is this where it gets fun, Spin?! LOL.

  2. This separates those who like to play from those who like to pretend they like to play. LOL

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    That Cat video is perfect. So funny!

  4. ISH is off the air Seems someone went under cover. *sigh*

    Social Experiment over?