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Friday, March 13, 2009

"What's Right Is Right", 'Free' is Good, Accept No Imitations

Initially I could not believe it, a free download? Free is always good, better this time around considering Hicks is offering one of the best songs on his new CD, "The Distance" as a freebie, "Seven Mile Breakdown". If you're running behind on news on the Hicks' front as I am, just follow this link to amazon.com to score your download.

Taylor Hicks appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show this week, performed his title track off this new record, "What's Right Is Right".

There's a saying that goes, imitation the sincerest form of flattery. Apparently one of this American Idol season's contestants, Danny Gokey a true believer. He's making the run for the confetti disguising himself as Taylor Hicks. You doubt me? Just click this next link for a side by side comparison. Hokey vs Hicks. Seems his now deceased wife was a fan of Taylor's, had compared him to Taylor and he decided to enter this show based on her belief Danny the next Taylor Hicks. Too he apparently grew up with a houseful of singing family members. Sort of like in the "Sound of Music" only in Milwaukee.
Danny Gokey, "PYT" Michael Jackson week. Check the Hicksian dance moves.

He possesses a decent sound to his voice, has a little growl, some Michael MacDonald tone, but lacks Taylor's melodic timber. I love when a performer reduces Pauler to incoherence. Okay, maybe that's not such a hard thing to do. Simon slams him for his dancing, Gokey gives a plea for dancing help. Meanwhile in multiple bios about Gokey he lists Salsa dancing as a hobby. The guy likes to change his story to fit the mood it seems.


  1. jerseyirish9:01 AM

    Sunny, I know some are saying Danny is a lot like Taylor, I really don't see it. Like you said he seems to change the way things are going. If you go back to his audition his style throughout until the mention of the Taylor thing was Jeans and a tee shirt, this week jeans and a jacket. Looks like whatever way he can garner votes he is doing it. He does have a nice voice not the best I ever heard but it does sort of jump out at you. Wish he would just be Danny whoever that is.


  2. He's working the untucked shirt, blazers, jeans boots; I don't know if he knows who the real Danny is.

  3. jerseyirish10:58 AM

    Sunny, Noticed the boots also had been sneakers before that. All this stuff he is doing may wind up costing him in the end. I'm sure he wants this as much as anyone else on the show but what he has been doing is just a turn off to me, don't know if he is doing it on purpose or he is being told by others, but he should try and find a common ground for himself and stick with it. I think he would be better received.