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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hokey-Gokey Ticket to Ride the Soul Patrol

Cathy Beers wrote on the website, nationalledger.com:
"Danny Gokey, a top 12 finalist on this season's American idol overcame the tragic loss of his wife to go after his dream. A report from In Touch explores some of the background of the rising star and in a report reveals that Sophia Gokey loved all kinds of music, and though her husband, Danny, thought it was weird, she was fan of American Idol's Taylor Hicks, because the season five winner reminded her of Danny."

Well for thinking his now deceased wife's taste in music "weird" for her liking Taylor Hicks, or imagining that Danny was like Taylor, Danny certainly has no aversion to using Mr. Hicks' name to promote himself on the show. This is probably the fifth time, at least, that I have heard Gokey use Taylor Hicks' name in comparisons for talking about himself or his music. Granted this is done in an off side sort of way but he's planting that seed of thought: Soul Patrol, I'm just like Taylor Hicks!

I say hardly. Maybe Taylor Hicks used an Easter bunny costume in his attempts to endear himself to the Idol viewers but he never once brought out any sob stories about his troubled past as Gokey has so far. Taylor certainly could have, but the man avoided such sob story by-lines and focused on what his goal was in being on the show.

As in my Scott MacIntyre comments this is more than likely going to send me stepping closer to the burning pits of Hell, but enough already Danny, it's common knowledge now that your wife is deceased. It's wrong on several levels to continue to bring up Sophia's name and her death. Perhaps a mention in the beginning would not have been so bad, but afterward man, it could have sufficed to say something to the effect of, "hey, I covered that on the show, it's painful to talk about and I really don't want it to seem like I'm trying to win this contest by using her death". Oh, and mean it.

He has commented recently, as carried on realityblurred.com "I apologize to everybody if they feel like it’s shoved down their face, but it’s so fresh in my mind". There are several other articles in which he repeats this sentiment, yet he continues to carry on about Sophia. He has stressed more than once her admiration for Taylor Hicks, attributing that for being the reason he decided to enter this show in the first place.

If he actually means what he professes why the continued mention of her name? Her death was only seven months ago. If my man passed away within seven months I'd not be able to do this show and look so bloody happy while on it. Then of course, I'm not Danny Gokey.

I find it humorous his last name rhymes with Hokey, considering this guy is coming across my radar as one big ol' husker grifting for a spot in the American limelight. I'd add some information on his church affiliations but my pal at TopIdol has that covered quite well already. She has also questioned his eyewear, I figured he already had an endorsement deal. Guys in the line of practice as Gokey with his church affiliations know how to twist a dime into a dollar. He's also banking on that ability to twist being a church leader into an American Idol win.
Sex, death and money, sonny
Makes this wicked world go round
Sex, death and money
It's the Gospel here in Dragontown
Sex, death and money, honey
Grease the wheels and make them fly
Sex, death and money, sonny
That is why we all are gonna fry

Long live Alice!


  1. jerseyirish1:01 PM

    Sunny, I have been reading that Danny has been using Taylor's name also, don't think that is the way to go. At first I thought it was very endearing that he was so emotional at the audition, but believe he is now riding on her coat tails. He needs to win this competition on his own without using her as a crutch. I think he has a nice voice but he is not the best that I have heard so far.

    I never knew about Taylor's family background until I read it in the People magazine after his win. I admire him that he didn't use his rough childhood as a "poor me" to garner votes. He won on his own talent maybe hammed it up a bit, but the talent was there. It has been his voice and presentation of his music and his charm that has kept me interested in following his career.


  2. Anonymous1:04 PM

    You know he's going to go far this season, and as much as I started out liking him, you're right. It's all becoming very hokey. Ugh.

  3. Grey, he may go far, but there are some who will try and communicate what up with this cat. He doesn't have that great of a voice to me.

    I'm digging Adam G'Lambert as you might know and I am happy the show's broadened to a top 13 to include Anoop. YAY!

  4. Barbara1:22 PM

    I likd Danny before I knew about the Taylor Hicks connection. So that is not what drew me to him. I also just feel like emotions are so raw for him that we just all need to put ourselves in his shoes. Don't know whether he is really mentioning the reference more frequently or it is just being reprinted and repeated more than some would like. My feeling is that he is being honest and real as opposed to being opportunist. Not many have been in his shoes either on AI or in real life. So, let's not jump on that bandwagon. Give him a little break, please.

  5. Hi Barbara, you seem like a nice lady. My radar is just picking up a different vibe but we'll see how this plays out in the coming weeks. Thanks for posting.