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Saturday, March 21, 2009

We All Have Bad Days: Dirty Laundry

In the world of Taylor Hicks fans it seems I am once again at bottom of the heap in popularity. I write from my heart, my soul, what speaks to me in the real world and in this on-line interwebs' world. What I write does not always fit within the parameters of accepted Taylor Hicks' fan-speak so I'm not exactly Politically Correct much of the time. I must add, I keep my real world writing quite separate from my fan world writing. As anyone might surmise I am wise to do so.

I fell off the Taylor Hicks' Popularity Charts a long time ago while my curiosity was peaked by the MFOYA situation. At that point I just had wandered into the MFOYA website, made a post that traced to this blog and the rest snowballed as the Hicks' fans rallied to get out their virtual pitch forks, torches and whatever else they had lying around the house. The whole event completely surprised me and it was my indoctrination into the severity of obsession that can exist in the world of on-line fans.

Yes, I lost my cyber-virginity to the throngs of the Hicks fanatics. Don't regret that for one moment; it was a time of growth for me and a time in which I finally realized the idiocy of being an obsessed fan for anyone. Sure, I sometimes occasionally get carried away - I have that propensity, but with the help of a few friends, I manage to return to balance after my occasional 'slips'.

Yesterday I wrote a lengthy blog in which I expressed my emotions after watching the TMZ.com tape. It wasn't just the tape that really disturbed me, it was also reading fan posts about the person in the tape, the callousness of some of the posters expressing how that woman got what she deserved, etc... What is this world coming to really when we can so easily chuck our humanity aside for a celebrity? How can these people say they love Hicks because they love Soul music when so many seem to have no soul whatsoever.

I'm not saying that this particular poster, whose quote I'm using has no soul - on the contrary she's been one of the nicest fans posting on this matter. I like her and have hung out with her on a few blogs. Yesterday she said something that many of the fans are saying although in a cleaner more polite way than most, "It was not Tays place to intervene. The man had two real rough days, 9,000 CDs and TMZ and press inside the Roxy looking for a story. He stated she was out of it, hammered, that it was good for her the police had a more urgent call and did the get out of jail free comment. He did not say I know her or expose her up close or name her or call her a name."

For one, if he'd told TMZ he knew her, it would have looked worse for him. Certainly he was not going to broadcast her name or anything; she's done some nice things for him in the past and she's a fan.

This poster points out that one common consensus among Mr. Hicks' fans: he did the right thing. Likely he did on several levels, thing is they overlook the joking over her body so to speak, they overlook the callousness that comes across on that tape in that moment.

As this poster writes, poor Taylor, he's had a bad day, a few bad days. This also a common viewpoint with the Taylor Hicks' fans: just look past everything. It is all about him after all, all about the music. He's no Superman, he's not the White Knight of the Soul Patrol, after all.

The woman in question posted on the blog (It's All Grey) which initially posted the video; she had the temerity and the courage to face the folks in that post. I commend her for that - she wrote:

"Hello all, yes I am alive sorry to burst the bubble of those who wanted a different outcome. Thanks for the “human being” comments Spin I so agree…First let me say I flew in at 10:30am the day of the show and it was a very hot 87 degrees and I had a lot to do around town before the show so I should have been drinking a lot of water; Also the only thing I had time to eat was breakfeast during my layover in Memphis. So the alcohol hit me a bit hard. I was blacked out on that wall BTW (not responsive) But I did have someone who went beyond the call of duty and stayed with me until the Ambulance came and I will always be in her debt for that!!! Taylor also I learned did not leave the venue till he knew 911 was called by the Roxy staff.

Now as for this stalking stuff, I have not seen Taylor since last year his birthday weekend at Marty’s sure you all saw the videos. Before that it was in N.Y. in July. I can not afford to go to all his events but I am just a fan like anyone else…Also I was not escoted out the Roxy my friend took me out to get some air. As for a threat towards Taylor I won’t validate that with a response. As for those girls saying I told them that we were friends never happened and I think they were trying to be funny for TMZ and Taylor but who knows.

I had a blast Taylor was in top voice and he rocked it! That was actually my last Taylor performance for a while I have a Documentary on Topper Price I am swampped in and an online music show I have in development called Majic city IAD and I am about to do the whole settle down family thing with my boyfriend Omari who is a musician and reason I am still there BTW. So if going to two events a year makes me a stalker.I must have read the wrong definition.

I wish all the SP the best and for those who wish I would have died out there on Sunset I will pray for you.

God Bless

Because he blessed me with great music and an Angel in my opinion that night! K, I will always be in your debt!!


This lady was being blasted on various sites for being a "stalker" among other negative things, saying she 'got what she deserved' what ever the Hell that means. I applaud her for standing up for herself and writing that message. I applaud her for taking the high road - and for not saying anything negative. She even speaks glowingly about the concert, what she was able to remember, at least.

It seems there was a good Samaritan in her midst that night, someone who stayed right by her side until she was helped. There are still a few good folks out there in the Big Real.

So for fans to say how Mr. Hicks was having a bad day, I think the lady who was pecked at like carrion by some in this fan base was having a bad day as well. I'm just glad that things turned out well for her and she's not on the list of missing persons or statistics.

Now remember, everyone has a bad day now and then.
"Dirty Laundry" LYRICS

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  1. jerseyirhs12:24 PM

    Sunny, I am glad everything worked out for her and help got there. Also glad that she mentioned Taylor stayed until help was notified, I really thought he would. I also admire that she came forward with the events of the day that led to her condition, something she did not have to do.

    I just felt all along he did the right thing not bringing the cameras's over to draw more attention to the situation.

    I know this fandom has some very strong personalities and wounds don't heal very easily. I wasn't around for alot of it so really don't know the history or as I have said the players. The only experience I had with MFOYA was in its very early days, someone I worked with a Taylor fan also told me to go to the chat room and read what was going on. Had no clue that from whatever they could tell where I worked and outted me, never went back. Took me almost a year before I would leave comments anywhere for fear it could happen again. MFOYA to me was someone not trying to right a wrong and who appointed them to do so, but someone with an axe to grind with him in a very personal way.


  2. I thought it pretty courageous of her to step forward too.

  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Hey Sunny. Just keep writing from your heart. There are always going to be a few crazies out there in cyber land. I don't always agree with every thing you write BUT you are passionate and words pour out that are, as you say, not always politically correct..... BUT HEY...... isn't that what "Blogdom" is all about. LOL. I'm glad to hear this lady speak and know she is alright. Glad to hear her clear up the Taylor misconceptions and know that she was not left alone on the street. Not sure about other stuff written about her but I do recall money scams going quite a way back. The only thing I know about her for sure is she has less than steller writing skills in the articles she does and she makes excuses for being passed out drunk on a public street corner. Maybe she was having a bad day BUT she's old enough to know better. I guess you can tell Sunny I don't give anyone a pass for being drunk. LOL. But I wish her no harm so I'm glad she's ok and I hope she has learned something.


  4. I didn't see her post over there at IAG, so I'm glad you brought it here. I'm glad she's OK.

    I think you were looking at this scene from a different perspective than the rest of us. I'm not saying you've been passed-out on a sidewalk somewhere, but maybe there was a time when you needed help and people ignored you. I'm sorry if that's the case.

    I'm also sorry about what you wrote over there about your ex-husband. No wonder some little internet jabs don't get to you. You must be a very strong woman.

    I agree with Dee. Don't hold back! Keep writing with honesty, there's nothing wrong with that. I wish other people in the fandom would stop being so afraid to state an opinion that goes against the party line.

  5. Caryl the reason they are afraid to write opinions is the feedback from fellow fans. They don't want to rock the boat or have the others ostracize them. What happened with my ex was a long time back but it certainly did help shape me as a person.

    Ha, no I've never been in that woman's shoes per se, but I have as you say been in a position I could not get help. It was during the relationship with that ex-spouse.

    Dee, I remember her MW Mag disaster; I'd not had much positive to say about her from that period. Situation though in the vid, sometimes you have to push past those sort of issues to do the right thing as a person.

    Thank you, all of you for your positive support, I really do appreciate it.

  6. Elaine5:53 PM

    Sunny I have been reading your blog for quite a while and have always found your statements to be fair. You point out hypocrisy and often call out people that deserve to be called out. I respect that and you are passionate about your beliefs. There is nothing wrong with that. Don't let them get you down.

    I have always felt the attacks made against you for taking part in MFOYA were uncalled for. You can take part in any blog you want and still enjoy the mans music. It is nobodies business. Looking back, I'm not so sure MFOYA was wrong about Miss Lyders. Taylor's recent Finebaum interview and indignant reaction to Miss Lyders (along with Finebaum's) made me once again wonder what really went on. They both did not seem fond of that lady. I just cannot imagine he would speak ill of an ex. He does not thank her in his new album and there's no songs that sound like they are about her either. The Finebaum interview confirmed some things I was on the fence about. I think Taylor made a mistake and dearly paid for it. But I believe he's moved on and is trying to do what's right.

    About the TMZ video, I just don't see how he could have done anything differently especially with the camera on him. But the treatment of Claudia by fans and the comments they made about her were a sad state of affairs. I don't think this is something Mr. Hicks would support at all. ~ Elaine

  7. Where did you see that interview Elaine?

  8. Anonymous9:21 PM

    I'm so glad to read that Claudia is okay and that Taylor stayed till she was gotten help. Thanks for posting this!

  9. Nevermind, I found it.

  10. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Well Sunny, I have to say you are right. I had the same exact reaction as you did when I saw the video. I just was not able to express my opinion on the matter, I tried but was quickly corrected for my drama post.I'm not really too upset about having my post tampered with though because I do realize where I posted is a true drama free place. I know whats right and I know whats wrong. Sometimes when your passionate about something or someone it hurts when you see them do something wrong and to hold it inside is not easy. You can't put blinders on ALL THE TIME. Sometimes you just have to be real.

    Keep posting how you really feel inside Sunny, because thats where your spirit shines through in your words. I love the tender, heartfelt side of your writtings not so much the snarky humor side. Helene