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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

MindFreak Criss Angel

I love magic acts, good ones - the kind that make you believe that the person is actually other-worldly gifted. It's that inner child in me that loves the masters of illusions such as David Blaine and Criss Angel.

Apparently my Mom's a fan too, she sent me this video in an email a little while ago:
Criss Angel: Orange, lemon, egg, bird.

(Thanks Mom.)


  1. jerseyirish4:17 PM

    Sunny, Have seen this one, Criss is absolutely amazing. My husband and daughter watch whenever they find he is on TV. I've seen him go into a car dealership and they give him a key over 300 cars in the lot he had about an hour to find the car that the key started, I beleive it was a brand new Corvette. The deal was if he found it, the car was his. It was down to the last minutes and he picked the car to try and start and he won. Have seen him do many interesting shows.


  2. Amazing how far magic has come over the years and how these clever guys find a way to create such masterpieces of illusion. I would love to learn how this trick was created.