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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Twitter: e.harmony.com, Publisher's House and Marketing Venue

Twitter is one social networking site that I've come to actually like. Well at least compared to Facebook which I've hopped on and off for the last few years and still not sure about. With Facebook, the whole idea of sharing your real life with other people ON THE INTERNET is sort of unnerving. Really. I mean, there are people I'd rather not ever find me, if you know what I mean. I've found myself opening up much more recently on-line, and it is bothering me just a little. My latest foray into Facebook will be a compilation of my real life and my on-line life. A place to share a part of me with some of my favorite on-line people yet retain a sense of privacy. Keep myself hovering under the radar, if you will.

I joined the Twitter family with my friends on It's All Grey to check out what Taylor Hicks might be communicating. At that time he was putting out few and far between tweets (as the 140 character posts are referred to) but he's upped his game and is putting out the wee posts on an increasingly regular basis. After a nice festive Happy Hour he gets quite witty. I love his beverage spiked tweets the most.

Since entering the world of Twitter I've made many new friends and am in the process of making some new potential business contacts. Several publishing firms of various impact have Direct Messaged me and I now follow them and their words of advice. I am also talking to a few right now regarding my "project". It certainly doesn't hurt to find out what other alternative options are available to a free-lancer like myself. I also applied to two writing positions that I'm waiting word on; who knows what might come out of joining this little world of tweets as an experimental follow up to my curiosity about the life and times of Mr. Hicks.

There have been some unusual fringe benefits as well. I have met several people, a few locally, whom I have made actual friends with - another nice surprise. Too, there are a few guy pals whom I really enjoy including two brave and fearless naughty boys sending me photos of themselves. Not just the nice, 'here's what I look like' rather,'here's what I REALLY look like'. I've tagged them my Boys in the Buff.

Initially when I opened the first centerfold type photo I was shocked. I quickly shut it but then had to reopen to peek again. (Curiosity is my center of gravity.) Second photo was of the same guy providing me a nice close up and it wasn't his face. Granted anyone shooting you photos like this might be some sort of sexual pervert, but the Libra I am, I must consider they are simply quite comfortable with themselves without clothing. I understand that considering my past and what I did to finance my education...

Before simply shutting them out from my Twitter feed I considered their tweets and Direct Messages to me. Outside of the whispered sweet nothings in my DM and e.mail boxes they both seem and sound relatively normal. One man might not be the neon bright crayon in the box of 96 but sometimes guys like that can just be easy to hang out with; you can let your self-editing side take the night off. He's a sort of a rough around the edges blue collar type guy. The other is actually quite intelligent. He writes professionally, has a few promising projects underway and outside of the revealing pictures comes across like an interesting person. Neither one of them need be shy about strutting their stuff without clothing. Before anyone asks, no I won't be sharing the little lovelies they send me or reveal who they are; can't peek and tell, you know.

Another interesting facet of this twitter thing, it seems to be a marketing format that may hold some real effectiveness. Products of all types and interests are out there being tweeted from one to another. Products not exclusive of certain herbal products legal only in parts of The Netherlands. Not that I would purchase any of that from an unknown individual on Twitter, but it is available. There are Twitter sites offering a variety of products from hand-made soaps, candles, concert tickets and one of my favorites because of the pretty things they find, UK site, Domestic Sluts; I also love their name.

My advice to one guy pal lamenting the challenges of meeting interesting single women: forget e.harmony.com, forget any of the other matchmaking venues, just hit twitter. It's free, it's easy and only 140 characters of your time.

Go Forth, meet, greet and tweet.

"Radar Love" Ministry

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