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Monday, July 31, 2006

Will Smith's Marketing Hicks' "Falls" into Court

"American Idol Taylor Hicks to Court to Block Will Smith" in an article by National Ledger writer, Lynda Johnson, she discusses the court order blocking Mr. Smith from releasing "The Fall" a song written and recorded by Taylor Hicks a decade previously. When I first heard that Mr. Smith was releasing the demo CD he cut for Taylor Hicks in an attempt to promote Taylor I viewed his putting out the demo a favor to Hicks' fans. I also thought it an excellent promotion for Taylor, getting out material from his early days, so to speak, thus allowing current fans a taste of where he has come from, compared to the man who won this season's American Idol.

Perhaps it's 19E and American Idol putting the brakes on the release because of their current proprietary rights to Taylor; perhaps it is Taylor Hicks not wanting Mr. Smith releasing and making money off of his name without prior consent. Regardless, it looks like Mr. Smith will have to fight a battle to sell this CD disappointing the Soul Patrol who looked forward to recieving more music by Taylor.

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  1. I've been following this drama too. Crazy legalities. >:/

    Hey Sunny, I wanted to tell you, a friend and I are going to see Taylor (AI show) on Aug. 11 and then to see Bo Bice on Aug. 12. A big fun double Bama Slama weekend! You should join us ;)!!!