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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Angels are Singing Cowboy Songs

Have I just died? I just read that a new film is being created with both Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson. Together. With horses and chaps. Leather chaps. I am weak for cowboys to begin with, the boots, that leather smell mingled with the manly scent. I'm getting light headed thinking about it.

CinemaBlend.com says, "That means hats, chaps, tight jeans, attractively scruffy hair, and pretty much the best thing to happen to the Old West in decades.

This will all be happening thanks to Madeline Stowe, the actress who wrote the screenplay Unbound Captives back in the mid-90s, and turned down a $5 million offer from Fox because she wouldn't be allowed to star. A decade later, Variety reports that Stowe still won't be starring, and Rachel Weisz will take the role instead. But Stowe will make her directorial debut with the film."

Now to find out where this is filming. I can see it now, hiring on as the stable girl would work, I could wash the horses, tend to tack, feed and hell, I'd even muck the stalls. I have experience with that; *changing resume'. Too, I could rework my definition of "Heaven".

Heaven: [hev-uhn] Helping either Hugh Jackman or Robert Pattinson with mounting. Straightening their chaps, dusting them off between shoots. Especially the dusting off part. (You know Westerns are always dusty.)

Jackman is an excellent horseman already but Pattinson might require lessons. I could certainly be of help in presenting any educational instruction Pattinson might need...of course, that too for free.

Momma Just Wants to Chase Cowboys (renamed it)

I'll take DD, tell her it's Summer Camp. DMan, well, he will just have to understand. Giddyup.

*Note this intended in fun, for anyone who needs clarification.


  1. jerseyirish4:32 PM

    Sunny, Read that last night, should make for an interesting film!


  2. jerseyirish11:01 AM

    Sunny, Off topic how did it go for hubby and band last night? Hope all went well.


  3. Thank you for asking JI, it went great, had so much fun. They've perhaps scored some more gigs so excitement all around. lol He was so pumped he had a hard time sleeping. Many friends commented they had no idea he could play so well. He's not one to brag.

  4. jerseyirish7:55 PM

    Sunny, Nothing like coming off a music high especially when you are a part of it. So glad it went well and he had a good time with it, thats most important to enjoy your self.


  5. Love the Highwaymen!! You could go missing and start a new life for yourselk ala George Strait in "Pure Country", and be a stablegal to the stars!!