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Monday, May 11, 2009

Taylor Hicks and The Magic Harmonica

Taylor Hicks spent the morning on the Rick and Bubba Show. I listened in while doing an assortment of other things, sorting through old photos in files, sorting through old vids linked, brushed dog, swept office, took pics, tossed in some laundry. Fielded calls from work, sent emails for work. You get the idea. Anyway an on-line pal who resides in New Orleans sent me the link.

Most of the interview was small talk with focus on such excitement as golf which to me is akin to watching paint dry, as well as some Pauler talk from American Idol. You know, how special she is especially when she's on drugs. Mr. Hicks' best story - Alice Cooper on the golfing circuit. Sounded somewhat Hunter S. Thompson-like. Mr. Cooper, while on this special golf outing located in a neighborhood like mine, took it upon himself to mingle with the locals.

Our neighborhood has a massive golf course than runs throughout our little community. Ironic we bought into this place because nobody in our household golfs. The course though is lovely to walk when the golfers are not out, very scenic, creeks, hills, trees, bunnies. Looks like a scene out of The Teletubbies. Houses back up to the golfing range and many of us have wrought iron fencing, or no fencing so as not to obstruct the view.

Anyway, it seems Mr. Cooper just strolled off of the course, picked a house having a nice barbeque shindig and proceeded to use their facilities and sample the spread. How much more can you love Alice after hearing that? He's absolutely swoon worthy right now. Damn, I'd have loved to serve him some smoked ham.

Taylor also did a few acoustic tunes, "Seven Mile Breakdown" and "Heart and Soul". Mr. Hicks sounded good, obviously relaxed, having visited this show several times in the past. The ending of the program was most special. Taylor Hicks had given an harmonica as a gift to this small boy. The boy suffered from some sort of pulmonary disease/lung condition that had him on a breathing assist program. It seems that with the kiddo taking up an interest in learning to play the mouth harp after hearing Taylor, he gave it a go. After some time playing he showed remarked improvement in his lung capacity and ability to breathe easier.

I had to google information on the possibility of this actually occurring and found that there is some real merit regarding playing the harmonica and lung processes. Harmonicamasterclass.com devotes a webpage discussing the merits of taking up the harmonica if you have such conditions as emphysema, asthma or any other pulmonary issues. Seems the harmonica works to strengthen the diaphragm and open the lungs. Just when I was about to go on a fun tale of Taylor saving mankind one harmonica at a time, I find this is an actual, factual, could possibly happen, situation. Drats, foiled again.


  1. Hey, that's interesting! Does it increase lung capacity? To be more exact: Does it make your 'lungs' bigger? I'll test it out and get back to you.

  2. Apparently so, therefore Mr. Hicks has to have some incredibly developed lungs. lol

    Man just when I was set to crack wise, it's an actual deal. Who knew? Now we do.

  3. jerseyirish12:34 PM

    Sunny, When that story first came out about the young boy, I read that playing the harp could do so. Also saw an interview with the Mom and said they never imagined the result that they got!


  4. Anonymous11:58 PM

    A relative of mine had asthma and the Dr. advised him to play a wind instrament. He plays trumpet and now sings Opera with no asthma for years. Actor Paul Sorvino had asthma in his twenties and started practicing yoga breathing exercises and it cured him. Sorvino has a foundation to help this problem and wrote a book about it.


  5. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I can't imagine Alice Cooper showing up in my backyard. ahahhahahha...my kids would probably be scared.