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Monday, May 11, 2009

"Brand New Day" Sting

"Brand New Day" Lyrics

I'm the rhythm in your tune
I'm the sun and you're the moon
I'm a bat and you're the cave
You're the beach and I'm the wave
I’m the plow and you’re the land
You're the glove and I'm the hand
I'm the train and you're the station
I'm a flagpole to your nation - yeah


  1. jerseyirish11:07 AM

    Sunny, This song is so befitting for me today, after my meltdown of being trapped in my bathroom for over and hour yesterday!!!

  2. hey- what happened to my comment?

    I never paid attention to the lyrics before. They're kinda sexy, huh?

  3. Haven't seen your comment, perhaps you did not hit post comment Caryl? ha. Yeah it's a sexy tune.

    JI that was so funny yet hugely annoying I'm sure. lol (hugs)

    Watching Idol right now.

  4. NolaMar11:59 PM

    Caught your tweet of this last night. Different vid. LOVE the song.