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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Robert Pattinson: You'll Do

Article on the MyParkingMag.com site covered Robert Pattinson and his 'cheap date' history. Seems nothing better than a weekend in Cornwall (what?) naturally with complimentary train tickets. Well, true, 'free' is a good thing.

I loved Pattinson's entire thought process in this short piece - especially his admission he loved girls who "pick fights with me" - it's about time someone realize the benefits of a little healthy 'discussion', that underlying sexual tension. Makes a terrific appetizer to the main course if played correctly. He's brilliant.

Robert is also beautifully upfront in his approach to ladies he may have some attraction towards; favorite chat-up line, "Hi. You'll do."

No need to play games, say it like it is; where are men like that for the most part anyway? Direct approach, with humor of course, save misunderstandings about what exactly you're thinking about the person and where your thoughts lie in correlation to your attraction to them. Win, win for everyone. Life's short, grab those bulls by the 'horns'.

Love him./fangurl

Then there's this sort of approach: Hot too.
Foy Vance "Do You Want to Be With Me?"

1 comment:

  1. Oh hell yeah, there's a lot to be said for "carpe diem", right?! I think the cat/mouse game can be fun, tantalizing, when you're younger (less self aware? more undecided?)... it gives you time to decide if you really want what's at the end of the pursuit.
    But I think with self confidence, comes the quick analysis and decision,ie. "You'll do."

    I do love a man of decision. ;)